Ventura CA gyms

I’ll be moving to the Ventura CA area very soon and sure would appreciate any info and/or recommendations on gyms in the area.

There could be a cold frosty one in it for the one who proffers up the winner.

There is are a few in the area…

Check out this website.

I used to live there and am jealous… I really loved it there. I’m Military however and worked out on base for free (Pt. Hueneme)

Try the Gym in Ojai, its worth the drive lots of lovely ladies live out that way.

Hope this helps


Thanks much Brad,
I’ll check out that site.

Ojai huh? I thought it was kind of a smallish artist community, but its apparently rich in all sorts of natural beauty. Cool.

Yep, I fell in love with the area too so decided to up & move across the ocean.

No problem man,

I Lived in Oak View, just below Lake Casitas… Freaking loved it up there, I’m hoping to move back after I’m done here in San Diego