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Ventrogluteal Injections

I’ve looked at a couple of diagrams, and as I understand it, when you stand up and flex your hip, the bit that bulges out on the side of your glutes, just behind your hip bone, is the ventrogluteal site.

Is that right? I hope so, because I pinned it this morning hehe

Use the search and pull up Prisoner’s (aka Prisoner22) and Cortes’ threads on VG injections.

Its my favorite site by far. When shooting long acting esters I do 2 or 3cc’s into each VG once a week. I occasionally get a light pressure feeling, but never the pain or discomfort with large volume injections elsewhere.


will do, cheers

I find it weird it’s seemingly not talked about besides in this board. It’s almost pain free every time, easy to access, etc. We sure thank Prisoner for this useful bit of info.

ya, it was so easy and painless I actually thought I’d done it wrong!

While standing up, place your fingers on your hips and shift your weight from one foot to the other, moving your hips from left to right as you shift your weight to that same foot, and you can feel the correct spot bulge in and out as you do it.