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Ventrogluteal Injection

good pm, wanna ask if this is the ventrogluteal spot?
seen so many pics and videos, still cant find it.
i did inject in the middle anyway (saw most pics its in the middle)
blood came out, and the feeling of passed thru vein

Yea that looks about right for a ventrogluteal shot.

Are those you’re legs? If so, nice definition and… Nice legs in general

What are you running?

Google is your friend.


Whose legs are they? Anyone know?

thanks for the answer, im scared im gonna inject in wrong spot again. gonna try that spot later.
its my leg,
i just Test my skill, eat clen, tren hard, anavar giveup

my friend are you playing Wolverine?

Ahhhh, that was me about 8 mths ago, thanks for the compliment. I’m about 6 kg heavier now than I am in that pic (quite a bit more muscle mass). I will post a pic sometime in the next month or so

I like to identify as male. This joke will only work if you undelete you’re comment @zeek1414

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Wow Nice physique bluemjc. Do you compete??
Why would one inject the ventrogluteal muscle?

Durban? As in Durban South Africa?

Hey Unreal.
Yupp Durban South Africa.

It waa towards majic. Couldn’t tell from pic. Still cant but figured I wouldn’t ask lol