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Ventrogluteal Injection


I know this is an old thread, but I was thinking of trying ventrogluteal injections for my TRT. Still confused on the exact spot though. Maybe after all this time there’s video or real pics that can be shared as for finding the exact spot. I know saps said it’s impossible to miss, but my money’s on me for screwing it up.


Why would you need this otherwise great spot for TRT shots? You can use insulin pins and inject in quads/delts for these.


After getting my BW after 2 months of SQ TRT, my Dr. wants me to try IM for TRT to measure which one if more an effective administration for TRT. So, he wants a solid 2 months of IM TRT then run BW again.


You do inject at least 2x a week for stable blood levels, right?

And if you use insulin pins and inject in quads/delts. you ARE injecting IM. Not SubQ. You only inject 0.1 to 0.4 cc at a time so you can do it IM with slin pins, or 27G.


Thanks SwD. Yes. I was pinning with a 28G slin pin 2X a week 60mg each time for a weekly total of 120mg. of Test Cyp. usually in the quads for the last 2 months and my BW just came back with T level of 452. I switched back to IM about a month ago and will run BW in about a month and compare the two. I will say, I do feel like my head is much clearer pinning IM, but might be placebo. But, will verify with BW.
An interesting approach to SQ I read about but haven’t tried is: 60mg. (2X a week) in a slin pin and injecting ONLY half in one spot say quad and THEN injecting the rest in another location, say shoulder. At the end of the week you’d have pinned in 4 locations 30mg. each. And was reading his T levels went from (he was injecting SQ 60mg. 2X a week in one location only) from low 500 to over 1000. But, I can’t verify this approach myself. But, it does have me curious.


Seems I’m attempting to to resurrect a dead thread here.

Is it a problem doing VG injections while sitting down on a chair, or do one have to lay down on the side? I have a much easier time locating the muscle when I sit down, and it also seems to be more relaxed.