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Ventrogluteal Injection


My first ventrogluteal injection was this morning, wow what have I been thinking! All this time I have been having a friend do my glute injections for me.
The ventrogluteal was so easy and painless, not to mention the freedom I feel now that I can inject WHENEVER I want. I don't think I was ever really scared of a self injection, but was under the dilution that it would be easier and less painful to have someone else do it for me.
....gotta give a shout out to Saps, who introduced me to this injection


Glad you like it




I wanna do VG... but I can't quite pinpoint it, and I'm afraid of shoving a needle into the wrong spot on my hip. That S&*( could hurt bad.

All the searches I've done show me how to find it from the point of view of a 2nd party doing the inj.

I suck. I know this.


I was doing the same thing man. What helped me the most was looking in the mirror and really feeling around for the muscle. (I also used all those second party view diagrams as a reference. Trying to attach a pic that helped me out....


Um that's not the VG guys, the VG is much more anterior than your pic. Try this one. Remember its closer to the front side than the back. Again if you sit down in a chair or whatever its literally right on the side there an inch or two down from the top of your hipbone


This is even better since its from the side aim for what this pic calls the tensor fasciae latae muscle. Can't miss it when seated its the only thing there. Being seated always forces you to be more anterior which is proper since you are sitting literally on the posterior.


X Marks the spot


So I just looked at exactly where I did my injection today, and according to your description it was in the correct place. I guess the diagrams are throwing me off still haha


Good yeah if you do it seated you cannot miss


VG is part of my injection rotation but it always sketches me out a bit when it comes up because I'm always never sure if I'm jabbing the right place; as opposed to quads and glutes where you can't go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


always never huh? :wink: Yeah the nice thing is the sweet spot is probably a good square inch like most other big spots so if you're half an inch high or low or to the side its probably ok


Three questions about this site:

  1. What size needle is effective here, 1 inch or 1.5 inch?

  2. How far down from the Iliac Crest is the sweet spot when you're sitting?

  3. What is the potential downside?... IE what could you hit around here if you had it wrong?



I use 23G 1.5". A deeper needle is always preferred. For this area of the body only a very lean person should even consider a 1" needle and even then they should use a 1.5"
An inch or two, probably closer to two
Downsides are like any site but specific to the VG I'd honesly have to say nothing because you cannot get this wrong you just cannot. The general area where you'd be ok inside is bigger than the size of a golf ball and approaches the size of a raquetball. So when I say above if you are half an inch this way or that way its really fine.


One of my favorite sites. Bumping this for the good info others may find useful.


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If in doubt, get a nurse/paramedic/phys therapist/etc to show you how to locate and palpate your greater trochanter and iliac crest

That lowest point will form the bottom of a triangle (while the anterior iliac crest is one of the top corners) whose fleshy middle is your VG target site


While on cycle, I only use glutes and ventroglutes. I get help from the GF for the left glute (I used to do it by myself and I can't figure how I did it!). Ventro is my favorite. I wonder if it can lower hip flexibility but that's the only issue I can think of.

In the quads it hurts way too much. I only use them for very small, TRT level shots (such as in the statis/taper protocol).


Quads don't seem to hurt me at all. Neither do delts.

I used to get sore as fuck, but I think it was the batch, maybe too much BA... I was in some serious pain for 4-5+ weeks, for about 3-4 days after every shot.

I rotate ventrogluteal, delt, quad.

VG is my favorite because I can skip switching pins after loading and it still doesn't hurt... and my biggest issue is getting pins. So I just shoot with a 22g a lot of the time in the ventrogluteal and it still doesn't hurt.

Somehow I ended up with more syringes/loading needles than I did extra tips. Oh well.



VG is a great site. Easier to reach and all that. If you have never done it, then look at all the images posted here. Its not that hard to find.

A bit of a funny story; I was at the Dr the other day, and there was a 'how to find the VG site' quick ref guide in the consultation room. It had less information than you will find in this single thread. So if an unexperienced nurse/tech can do it from that. I think you can find it yourself with all the info here/other sites!