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Ventro Glute Depth

Hey guys, I read through the stickies etc. and couldn’t find the info I’m looking for. Was wondering if anyone else has good luck injecting the ventro glute with the 27g half inch pins that work so well in the delts? I did my first ventro glute injection and am experiencing soreness which is something that typically doesn’t happen anymore esp w/ Pharm grade and trt dosing, however I understand it’s a virgin muscle for me and hoping I hit the right spot. Not too concerned with the level of soreness just wondering if it’s an obvious depth issue with the injection and I would need to use longer lengths at that site? I plan on hitting the other one the same way to confirm this but just wanted to grab some quick advice ! Obviously too short or keep going for it ?

Hoping I can continue because this size is far less bothersome than even the 1inch pins and I get much less wasted test.

Appreciate y’all


You mean at the top of the glute right under the hip towards the side. You’ll know when you hit muscle it has a harder feel to it. At least for me I did. I’d push in and need a little extra push once I got to the muscle.

It’s a pain in the Asss to inject there. Stick to the delts. I think legs are ok if done right but someone told me be careful there’s too many nerves and etc.

Subq seems great in theory but IM is guaranteed to work. I feel an quick sense of T coarsinf through the body when I get it into the muscle within a day. Subq you don’t get the same feeling if you’ve been injecting for some time.

Thank you for the input.

I would love to stick to delts but since I’m on trt I’ve got a whole lifelong scar tissue issue to deal with so ideally I will have another site to rotate in with the delts(have never done quads and don’t plan on it quite yet ).

I assumed Dglute would for sure land sub q with that gauge however I’m super lean so I wasn’t sure if I could get away with the ventro …

Anyone else have experience with this?

Double bump

I go with a 1 inch 25g closer to the glute than the hip. Kind of where the glute just starts to get some meat on it.

Twist your body, take weight off leg and relax it. With one hand stick and plunge. Done.

Not sure a half inch would hit muscle though.

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I use a 1/2" 28 and 29 gauge in my ventro glute. There’s not much fat there so I’m pretty sure its IM. I do it on the side of my hip more toward the front. If belly button is 12 and ass crack is 6, I do my shot at about 2 and 10.


Awesome, has anyone else tried the method where you put your pinky at the top of your asscrack and where your thumb lands when stretched towards the from of your body is more or less the area ?

Yes but any glute injection is a pain because you cannot see. All by feel in a mirror but that’s still not great.

For you married/SO guys, why arent your wives/girlfriends pinning you? My wife has gotten to be a pro at pinning me 2x week.


You have found yourself a selfless wife. Congrats…


Honestly my lady keeps suggesting it but for some reason I haven’t let it happen yet lmao…next one I’ll teach her now that you suggested it ! Why not!

…I go pretty slow so I can feel what I’m doing that may be part of why I prefer to do it myself up until this point

Make a game of it. My wife rubs my but , slaps it a little, swabs it with alcohol and I hand her the syringe. She usually tucks the swab in my butt crack and walks away laughing :joy::joy: