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Venom vs. Spike


I'm not sure if I can ask about a product that is soo clearly similar to Spike, but I'll try. Has anyone tried this product yet? I did and to be honest I'm really not sure what to make of it. Even at one capsule first thing in the morning it's still working. no appetitte (which I DON'T like), lots of energy and focus, increase in body temp.

I'm kind of a daring guy and I'm going to have to say I'm not sure about this product. Might be a little too strong.Oh yeah the cotton mouth is TERRIBLE.

BTW for all of you who are about to say "SHould have stuck to Spike" Yeah yeah yeah I know :wink:


I use the V for when I need a very lengthy energy boost, but since I usually lift at night I have to rely on Spike for a bit shorter boost that wears off so I can get to bed at decent hour. I love both of them, they just have different uses. I don't like the hoodia in the V either, but the fat-burning capsaite makes up for it IMO.


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In no way are Spike and Venom similar.

You must pay for your ignorance, beatings will commence at sundown.


Thanks for that responce galvatron. Yeah the hoodia in it almost makes me not like the product at all. Still Do you find that it seems to last a long time?


I haven't used Venom, but Spike is definitely not short-term for me. I'm very resistant to stimulants, so I have to take at least 2-3 Spike to feel anything. But when I take 3 I've got ridiculous energy for around 10 hours.


Havn't tried this Venom that you speak of, but I'll second the short term effects of Spike. I can take 2 at 8pm, have a great workout and be in bed within a few hours. I don't know whether the long term energy is not there due to my gross lack of sleep but it does the job on the short term.


PS: A question for YOU: Do you get the same mental clarity as with Spike? And is this more of a thermogenic type thing? Has it helped your workouts much or does your heart rate get elevated and make you light headed? What's the brand, where did you get it and how much does it cost for how many servings.

Just curious. Thanks.


Yes I find the effect of V to last around ten hours minimum whereas Spike hits me for five max.


Yeah that's the sucky???? think about Spike. It doesn't always last long enough. It would be nice if it had two version; one extended release and one normal version.


Or you could just take one at the beginning of the day and one at the end of the day.

I notice that the new Spike is VERY effective at one cap. Whereas before I would always go for two.

In fact, I find an entirely different mentality at one vs. two.

For more consistency I go for one. Especially for studying.

If I want to go out and set PRs or just being ON THE MONEY for a given period I'll go for two.

But one AM one PM would be a nice set up for some consistency.

I have since stopped with Strattera.


5hrs. 10hrs are some of the lasting durations reported with Spike.

I took a Spike at 6:30 at night before training and couldn't sleep till 3 am. For me, it's the label recommendations: "Do not take after 3pm." Everyone's different. Though I looked up venom, and venom and Spike are different, no? Venom is labeled a fat loss supp, wheras Spike is an energy supp and does not claim to aid in fat loss. So I think they should be placed in different categories.


Read the ingredient labels people and you'll see why the two are similar.


where can you get this venom I have searched of it and cam up empty handed.

never mined i found it!


That is quite often how I do it; one upon waking; another when I get home from school.