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Does anyone know the macro breakdown for venison, wild not farm raised? Also how is the fat content, Omega 6:3 ratio? Thanks

Try this link and key in “venison”.

www.nal.usda.gov/ fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl

The info I have does not say whether it is farmed or wild, but here it is: per 1 oz raw- 6.4g P/0 C/ 2.7g F with 1.1g coming from saturated F. If these figures are for farmed, then My guess is that wild would have a little less fat. Either way, venison is a great low fat protein source, and tasty too.

When dealing with venison, there are factors to consider. Not only do you have to consider wild or farmed, but who is doing the feeding and what they are feeding. For example, The deer that we sale on our ranch, which would somewhat be considered wild, since they are still hunted, are fed very well. We use about 6000 pounds of protien a month for around 300-315 deer. That is not to consider types of veggie they eat and corn. For the most part the breakdown will be about the same, but as you will find with some chicken there will be variances in the breakdown. If there are any hunters out there that would like to get a real Texas hunting experience with some of the greatest deer on earth, look up Drop-Tine Outfitters. Our hunts are also featured on ESPN’s Under Wild Sky.