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Veneer Teeth


Does anyone here have them or know someone who does? How much did it cost and is there any negative consequences from having them?

Professor X have you ever came across them in your line of work?


Curious as well..

Do they ever chip or break? Do you have to have your teeth whitened after you get them so every tooth is the same shade? Do
you have to grind your front teeth down?


You have them whitened before, veneers will not whiten.


What is a veneer? Does it go over your tooth?

I myself would like to know about tooth implants.


That is sort of what my line of work is about when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. A veneer is a whitened (porcelain or composite) thin facing that covers the front side of a tooth. They are used to cover up stains that won't leave through bleaching or discolored teeth...or just used to change the shape of the teeth without the use of braces.

It is much like a crown in that any risks of it are usually associated with how the patient cares for their teeth. If you get new veneers and walk out and bite full force into a jawbreaker, you can't blame the dentist if it breaks.

You may experience tooth sensitivity if tooth structure needs to be removed in order to change the shape of the tooth....or even a root canal if the tooth needs to be changed drastically and the shape will encroach on the pulp of the tooth (we are assuming we are discussing someone without cavities on the teeth already).

As far as how much it costs, you need to call whatever clinic you are going to. This is much like plastic surgery in that sense.

I am limiting my response to this because most of the people here don't respect the access they get anyway.


I just had one implant done and 2 more to go. I'm having the post done next month for the second one. That needed a bone graft, painful for a few days but not bad at all with vicodins. The tooth was out in January and the graft was done at that time. Had it looked at last week and they took xrays and said it was good to go next month. Once the post is in, it takes another 2-3 months to do the actual crown.

The simpler one didn't need a bone graft and the whole process ran 4 months.



I just had an implant last Monday. I had a first molar in my lower jaw extracted and an immediate titanium implant. I required some bone grafting as one of the roots was close to the outside of my mandible. They used some of my own bone and some synthetic bone grafting material from Switzerland. The implant is basically a titanium bolt. In four months they are going to put a gold cap on the implant. They were going to go with porcelain but I asked for gold as it's much better for many reasons.

Also, ask your dentist not to use a local anaesthetic. S/he will argue that they need to use it so they can work without you wincing/moving. Demand to have it without. They will give in because they want your money.


You needed vicodin after the extraction/implant/bone graft? Vicodin has hydrocodone in it! Stronger than heroin. You wimp. Seriously dude, grow some fucking balls. Save your vicodins for when you suffer multiple compound fractures or something that actually hurts a great deal.



I would directly refer a patient out who demanded something like that. That is equal to torture in my view and seriously doubt you had a surgical procedure done like that and didn't have any anesthetic used at all.

What is your reasoning for not wanting the area numbed at all?


He just wants some poor sap to on here to try it so he can laugh about it when they post.

X, how exactly are veneers secured? And how is bacteria growth in between the veneer and the tooth handled? A friend of mine in another class had all veneer fronts and said he couldn't take them out.


I have been brought up to NEVER accept pain killers. It's character building. My mother refused nitrous oxide and other pain killers when she fractured her pelvis. My father was a walking skeleton from cancer cachexia for 5 years and never took a pain killer.

If you've never seen a patient have an extraction without a local I think you'd be surprised at how low the pain level is. The figure eight wiggling of the tooth is a little painful. The yank is pretty painful for about 2-3 seconds. The rest is mild. I'm not trying to be a tough guy otherwise I'd be bragging on the 'How Hardcore Are You?' thread. I'm just talking about my experiences.

I've never taken so much as a paracetamol or aspirin in my life although I've had a local when they set a compound fracture of my finger. I told them I wouldn't have it but they threatened to have me assessed by a psychologist and declared non compos mentis so I gave in.

EDIT: If you doubt it check out YouTube video entitled 'My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Using Self-Hypnosis(No Local Anaesthetic)'. I just had it without the self-hypnosis bullshit.


That doesn't work for everyone though. Each person has a different pain tolerance from what is "mild" and "excruiciating". Example, I had my wisdom teeth out, since I had fair insurance I went under. I spent the next week laying in bed and draining blood in the bathroom. I didn't do anything else. A month ago my buddy had a root canal, after the surgery, he came to study Chemistry with me.


If you are telling the truth, then you have obviously been conditioned to accept pain early in life.

For an adult who has used painkillers all his life to just start taking operations without any form of painkiler would like Prof X said be like torture.


My dad had a root canal done without anesthetic.


This is wrong. Firstly, I'm not some superman who doesn't feel pain. I've never even had what I would consider to be a VERY painful injury - i.e. broken femur/pelvis etc. Secondly, you don't build up a tolerance to pain killers unless you are using them every day. My tolerance to Codeine would be the same as someone who has had it a dozen times over the last 5 years for instance.


You cannot compare a bad wisdom tooth extraction to root canal. The fact is root canal is not that painful. You are correct in that wisdom tooth extraction can be very bad for some people though. It depends on how hard it is to remove them. From my understanding the difficulty depends on the angle of the teeth, the depth of the roots etc. Some people have to have their jaws broken and a bad wisdom tooth extraction can leave your head swollen the size of a watermelon. This would be painful I imagine. But none of this occurs from root canal.


Are veneers a good alternative to braces? I have some crowding with my lower front teeth Ive been curious to know if that could be corrected with veneers.


I'm more curious in people that have a full set of veneers for their smile. Thanks Professor X for your input. It's more for self confidence I am looking into veneers depends on the price and I would assume it would be different cost among dental clinics.

X have you ever had to do a full set of veneers (smile vise)? I understand that pre-molars and molars are not done(?)


It depends, you would have to be evaluated by a competent cosmetic dentist. However judging by the cost I would probably just get braces or invisalign on my lower teeth.


I do have 4 veneers because the teeth enamel of my fronth teeth chipped off.

Hurray gluten intolerance.

They were around 800 EUR a tooth, they do nothing when it comes to crowded teeth and they are glued on.

If your dentist does it right there are no bacteria between veneers and teeth.

Also, I had one cavity filled and one filling replaced without anesthetics one in the upper jaw and one in the lower and I can practically garantuee that shoul such a thing be necessary next again, I will be as high as a kite.

Granted, the decay went a lot closer to the tooths nerve than he could see on the X-ray, so I do not necessarily blame him, but holy, fucking shit, that hurt.