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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log



How tall are you man?


6 feet, give or take a fraction of an inch haha.


By this, he of course means “6 feet, take 7/8th of an inch”.
We call it 5’11".

Just bugging ya, I’m bored killing time until a meeting at the moment lol.

I like that you’re sticking with another program from Brian, this should another good run for you.

I’m excited for your comp!


Haha the last time I got measured I came in at 5’11" actually! But I’ve been called 6’1" a couple times and 6’ more often than not.

I wanted to try a few different things, but I knew ultimately it’d come down to one of two programs from Brian. This one is a little more conditioning oriented which I need, and it’s only nine weeks so if I want I could possibly run it twice before switching to my summer plans.

Pre comp jitters are starting to kick in. I’m feeling pretty good about the deadlift but everything else is a crap shoot. If I can get the log and not pass out I should be in a good spot lol.


Always a good goal to strive for! lol


Looking forward to your success…or the video of you passing out featured on Gym Fails. :joy:


My high insurance deductible will be extra motivation not to get squished haha.


Just saw @theonecamko log.

Videos and a writeup on the meet please :slight_smile:


Will do Mort, I’ll get them up when I spend some time at the computer!


Come on man we are dying to know how it went…


Haha sorry to keep you waiting @losthog, had a packed in day yesterday and I couldn’t type this up while browsing on the pot :stuck_out_tongue:

So first strongman comp is in the bag. I came in dead last in my class which is fine, and I very narrowly missed my goal of not zeroing any events. I really wanted to see if I even enjoyed the environment to know if I should keep training that way and it was pretty rad. Everyone was super friendly, even the dudes I was competing against were there trying to help me eek out a last rep or complete an event.

I met @theonecamko, he’s a great dude. Kicked some ass in his class.

Here’s how the events played out:

Log clean and press away @ 175lbs: 0
Some time spent training with a log would’ve been great here. The clean wasn’t so bad, technique wasn’t great but I could muscle the weight up. The first time I got it racked my brace was off and my leg drive was useless. The second clean and rack was better feeling, but I just wasn’t strong enough to overcome how awkward the implement is. I was ready to call it here but lots of shouting and encouragement later I tried for a 3rd and 4th time but couldn’t finish the clean at that point.

Wagon wheel axle deadlift @ 400lbs: 7
I had hopes of 4 or 5 on this, so 7 was nice. This is a pretty massive PR for me. I’ve never pulled more than 375x3. The 13" starting height worked to my advantage like I figured. One of the guys in my class pulled like 18 reps which was awesome. Waiting for a down command was tripping everyone up but the judge was cool about it.

Sandbag over 13’ bar @ 20, 30, 40lbs: fast
I’m not sure what my official time was or who won this event, all four of us were within milliseconds of each other I’d guess. This was the event I did best in and might not have come in last.

Farmers walk @ 180lbs per hand: 1 drop
Again, some practice would’ve been huge. Grip wasn’t as big a factor as balance in my drop. Got a little wobbly and couldn’t correct myself so I had to reset. I did a lot better on my return run, but I still came in last by a decent amount. Technique was non existent.

Conans wheel @ 450lbs: 10-12 feet or so
The video doesn’t do this justice but I started going to sleep on this one. I didn’t get very far before my vision started closing in and going dark. I came back to life as soon as it set down and it was pretty funny, felt totally out of it for a second as I stumbled around.

I’ll for sure find myself at another event in the future, I’ve got some work to do to get there and be competitive though.

I’ll get the videos up hopefully tonight but definitely sometime this week.

Edit: I’m also very sore. Legs are okay but my entire backside from my hips to my neck is feeling it.


Only event ive ever done in my life were I felt like I was gonna die. Was hunched over for a bit cause I thought I was either gonna pass out or hurl or both.


For sure man, you earned the right to feel like hell though haha.


Awesome work man.
Sounds like you had a great time


Congrats on getting your first comp under your belt!

Had you never touched a log before going into this competition?

I’ve been humbled by a log before! Although, after using a log 5 or 6 times I seemed to get the hang of it. It never gets easy, or feels comfortable, but I seemed to just be able to control my body under the log a bit better which made a world of difference.

Great job.


@painter27 Thanks man, I sure did!

@littlesleeper That was the first time getting my hands on one. I see why people hate that thing haha.



Upper body workout

Foam roll
Band dislocates

Pullups: x6
High incline axle bench: 80x5, 100x5, 120x5, 130x4, 140x3, 150x1
Pull aparts: x10

Paul Carter delt sweeps: 25x60 seconds

Not doing a ton this week, mostly just testing a few lifts to find a rough every day max on them.


Nice going man! Did you compete in the 175lb class?

Brian A’s video made a night & day difference for me on the log.


My man. Well done!


@TX_iron Thanks dude! I competed in the >220 novice class. I weighed in at 194 fully clothed and full pockets, so probably a shade under 190 currently. I watched Brians video but inexperience won the day still haha.

@duketheslaya Thanks man!