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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log




Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P3/W3/D2

Squat stretch
Pull aparts
Roll legs

DB swing: 40x5
Squat: 185x3, 205x3, 215x3, 225x3, 235x3, 195x5x3
Planks: x20s

Band GM: x5
Front squat: 185x3x2
Hollow rocks: x20s

Zercher hold: 300x20s, 350x20s, 400x15s
Airdyne run: x45s

Pioneer belt came in the mail today so this was my first belted lifted experience. Mostly noticed it on the rebound at the bottom position, felt like I had a bit more pop but in reality that’s probably an improved brace.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P3/W3/D3

Face pulls
Squat stretch

BB row: 155x3, 165x3, 175x3, 185x3, 205x3, 165x5x3
Bench: 155x3, 165x3, 175x3, 185x3, 205x2, 165x5x3
Leg lift: x7

Yates row: 165x3x6
Incline football bar bench: 165x3x2
Hollow rocks: x20s

Dips: BWx25, 20
Pull aparts: 2x30

Penultimate workout for this program. I think I psyched myself out on my top set today, should’ve had that last rep.

Not sure if I was actually doing Yates rows, but just a more upright thing with a short ROM and a noticeable pause at the top. Couldn’t be bothered to set up the T-bar thing today.


Yep, this would be the main benefit of the belt for me as well. Makes reversing out of the bottom position much more comfortable.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P3/W3/D4

Leg curls/extension
Pull aparts
Squat stretch

Box jump: x2
Deadlift: 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 335x3, 355x3, 375x3, 315x4x3
Plank: x20s

Box jump: x2
Axle block pull: 370x3x2
Hanging leg raise: x5

Cable row: mega drop set
Pull ups: 10

That’s that! Solid workout to end the program. Went to the school gym, the combo of their plates and the belt was a significant difference. Pretty sure I’m pulling from about a 1" deficit at all times at home. Could have pulled a nice 405 if I wanted but decided to stick to the plan. Liked being able to do box jumps, such a low impact movement.

I’ll write a little more about Brians program tomorrow at some point.


Will you test maxes? Excited to see the write up!


Negative, I’ll be deloading this week and competing in a strongman show Saturday. Going to get right for that and then start up a new program. I’ve got an idea where my maxes are and that’s good enough for me at the moment.


Awesome man. Good luck with that, you going to do a write up after?


Good luck my man! You’ll have an awesome time.

Oh, he WILL be doing a write up after. He wouldn’t disappoint us like that, lol


@painter27 @littlesleeper Thanks dudes! Yeah I’ll definitely do a recap afterwards. Who knows, might even have some video footage to share :stuck_out_tongue:


Here it is, the much awaited write up of Brians Linear Progression program:

In short, this rocks. I’m currently realizing that I suck at writing about programs in the middle of this, excellent. Most of us know the deal with Brians stuff by now - giant sets, big lifts for assistance, conditioning, misery.

The program calls for you to establish a baseline top set during each phase (8s, 5s, and 3s) and then try to improve upon that each workout using the rep ranges 4x8, 5x5, and 10x3 for each phase. Followed by a supplemental movement and then assistance, which are left fairly open to the lifter to decide on. Beating the rep PRs became pretty challenging, as towards the end of each phase I was hitting real or close to 8/5/3 RM. This was good, as I spent pretty much all of last year doing submax work without ever having a “realization” period.

The giant sets are an awesome way to get a good amount of work in. I probably should have used a more structured approach to the supplemental stuff, but I let my training ADD run wild there. Same with assistance for the most part. Towards the end I tried to make it specific to the contest I’ll be in, the best I could with my set up at least. We’ll see how it pays off.

I slacked on the conditioning, I came into this program in pretty solid shape and really needed to focus more on strength so it wasn’t a big priority for me. I got some sessions in on off days and doing other stuff, but I didn’t hit any metcon stuff. C’est la vie.

I ended up hitting a bunch of PRs and added about 8lbs or so. During the last phase I decided to cap the squat and deadlift top sets and focus more on trying to improve the quality of the reps. My knees were letting me know I was pushing pretty hard and they needed some time to adapt, those fickle little buggers.

This was my first go at true block periodization and I see the appeal, something I’m sure I’ll do again at some point. I think if a lifter is still in the business of adding weight to their lifts weekly, this is an excellent option for them. I wish I did this program instead of toiling away on SL5x5 when I started lifting. If were to run it again, I’d choose some kind of percentage based progression to apply to it. Just seems to be a better option than RPE or whatever for me at this point.

So in summary, it’s a Brian Alsruhe program. It’s badass and will make you better. Do it. It doesn’t make you a better writer though. I’m sure this flows like a true stream of consciousness, something else to get better at.

I’ve got the contest this Saturday, then I’ll be starting up my next program. No idea what I’m going to do but I’ve got a week to figure it out. Brian has a couple programs (Powerbuilder and 4Horsemen) high on my list, CT’s Beast Building looks cool, 5/3/1 of course if I can’t make a decision, Paul Carter has some good material out there. Time will tell.


@mortdk @losthog Figured I’d tag you fellas since you specifically asked for this haha.


Hey Velvet thanks man, was right here on the log forum as you posted it :slight_smile:
Congrats on finishing the program. It’s kind of awesome when you finish a program, like yeah I did it.

Yeah Brians stuff is really good… he has Darkhorse as well, it’s a really tough program.
Did CT’s simple guaranteed strength and size by the end of the year, I can highly recommend it as well.

Good luck with the strongman competition.


Thanks Mort, hoping I don’t completely embarrass myself at it :smile:

I’ve seen you and especially @JMaier31 taught that CT program a few times. He’s also got a “conjugate for busy people” that looks pretty solid. It doesn’t call for accommodating resistance on the speed work. I wouldn’t want to alter Brians stuff to make it work without having the bands or chains.

Sometime this summer my friends and I are going to have a decathlon challenge for fun, swapping the pole vault out for something else for obvious reasons haha. It’s for fun, but we’re a competitive bunch of ex and wanna-be athletes, so I’ll need to keep that in mind with training choices to I can whoop some ass come game day.


You’re a better writer than you give yourself credit for! For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the review.


Excellent review brotha. Makes the program worth looking into




Airdyne: 15 minutes
Pull aparts: 3x20
Foam roll: ouch

@littlesleeper @losthog Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words.


Getting pumped up? I know I am.


Yeah man getting pretty excited, gonna be tough to sleep Friday haha.


I never am able to sleep well before a comp, to much anxiety, but Im working a 12hr day till midnight friday so I think ill probably just pass out from exhaustion anyway


That’ll do it. I’m going to eat myself to sleep and just toll with whatever happens.

Side note, just stepped on the scale and it read 190 for the first time ever. Granted that’s with a full day of eating and drinking but that’s cool. So I’ll give the 11 weeks on Brian’s program closer to 12-13 gained.




Airdyne: 15m
Foam roll: less ouch
Stretches: nice

Body is feeling pretty good right now.

I think I decided on my next program for after the comp. Going with Brians ‘Powerbuilder’ program.