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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log



Nice work. I tried a hike once with a 10kg pack once… Regretted every minute of it lol


Haha yeah it can sneak up on you, especially if your pack had no frame or rigidity.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W4/D2

Airdyne 5 EMOM
Squat stretch
Bar hang
Pull aparts

Vertical jump: x2
Squat: 175x8, 185x8, 195x8, 205x8
Plank: x20s

Vertical jump: x2
SSB squat: 145x2x10
Band chop: Purple x2x8

DB split squat: 50x2x10
DB RDL: 50x2x10

Squats felt better than they have in months tonight, that’s cool. Short on time so cut the second and third giant sets a little short but upped the weight some to compensate. The RDLs weren’t difficult beyond making the back pump go from uncomfortable to agonizing.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W4/D3

Band scap slides
Squat stretch

BB row: 135x8, 145x8, 155x8, 170x8
Bench: 135x8, 145x8, 155x8, 170x7
Leg raises: x10

1 arm BB row: 50x2x10, 1x15
Football bar bench (outer): 125x2x10, 1x13
BB Russian twist: 25x3x12

Dips: BWx2x10, 1x14
Pull aparts: Black x2x10, 1x many

No desire to get this done today, feel like a slug. Rows got fairly sloppy towards the end there.


His programs drive you into the dirt. I can’t imagine training like this at his gym day after day week after week. Surely there are some breaks…

For me his stuff planes out around week 6


I can definitely see that being the case. Physically I felt up to the task, more of a mental thing yesterday.

One thing I noticed is most folks program 3 week waves but Brian does four. That last week before the stimulus change I think is the toughest to deal with.


Simmons says 3 weeks max on a lift.


Tough to argue with that guy. But I did get some PR quality lifting in in this 4th week, tough to argue with that too haha.


But then again he is one of the few to say that.
With a linear progression program you can’t shift lifts as you please.
It might be true if you make max efforts every week.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W4/D4

Squat stretch
Bar hang

Broad jump: x2
Deadlift: 255x8, 275x8, 295x8, 325x8
Plank: x20s

Med ball pass: x3
RDL: 225x2x8
Hang crunch: 2x10

Inverted row: 1x15, 1x12
Hollow rock: 2x20s

Last day of the 8s phase. Phew! Kept the assistance work on the lower side again, was pretty done after the top set of deads.

Right thumb is like partially dislocated/sublexed or something too. Not sure what really happened but I started my car last night and noticed some discomfort in the distal joint while driving. Fast forward a few hours and it’s swollen and awful feeling. I can move it but it’s pretty stiff and painful, didn’t really hinder my workout any. Just a fun addition to the equation.


Shit man…getting stronger. Good stuff.


Thanks man, I’ll say it’s about time haha. There was a period where I really felt like I was spinning my wheels with this stuff, but I think it’s starting to come around. Much like you discussed in your log about raising your floor vs. your ceiling, that wheel spinning was just floor raising and I didn’t realize it at the time. Brians program is definitely pushing my ceiling right now.

I’ll use this post to get some training thoughts for the next 7 weeks.

For starters, thumb is feeling a lot better already. Still pretty wonky but I don’t think this will be a long term thing by any means.

I’m going to need to make some smart training choices about my lifting sessions in regards to event prep. I’ll have my strongman finisher each day, and some stuff I should be able to pull into the main and second giant sets too.

A list of things I should probably be doing weekly:
Swings - help with everything
Football bar cleans - Closest thing I have to a log
Football bar vipers - Most likely the only way I won’t zero that event
Sandbag carries - Foot speed on the carries
Zercher holds - Conans wheel prep
Timed DOH holds - Grip for farmers

Just need to think of how to organize all this without putting myself in too much of a hole. I think I’ll go pretty hard for the 5’s phase (4 weeks) of this program, and then for the 3’s phase (3 weeks) I’ll lower the volume quite a bit and up the intensity again prior to the deload week.


Always remember that Louie is a master of his craft, but pretty much all of his methodology is for geared lifters who use steroids.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P2/W1/D1

Airdyne EMOM sprints
Band scap slides
Squat stretch
Overhand pullups x10

Weighted NG pullups: 5x5, 10x5, 15x5, 20x5, 25x5
Press: 75x5, 85x5, 95x5, 105x5, 105x4
Ab wheel: x6

NG L-sit pullups: BWx6
Push press: 105x5, 115x4, 125x3, 115x5, 125x4, 135x2 (very close to 3)
V situp: x8

Football bar clean: 115x3
Dips: BWx12
Inverted row: BWx12
EMOM x12 minutes

Pretty okay work out today. Been totally out of it all day and was feeling sleep over lifting. That 5th rep on the last set was there on a better day. Same with the last push press rep, I got it all the way up but couldn’t get the left arm locked out. Pretty fun descent on that one.

Plan is to push the weights on the cleans and push reps on the dips and inverted rows. Today wasn’t too challenging so I’ll push next week a bit harder next week and add slower from there.


Post a video of your push presses. Maybe I/ we can help you with a few pointers :slight_smile:


One of these days I’ll get around to videoing my sets. Maybe this weekend I can take a look at angles and whatnot to figure out how to set up a good shot.


Hey man, idk if you saw yet, but they put up the final weights for the comp. Everything is down about 10lbs(90% of the weight for nats).


Zercher carries would help more since you’re actually moving. Holds are good though to prime the nervous system and get used to some heavy weights. Also for core and upper back strength but yeah carries are definitely a better option. Zercher lifts too and all the wonderful variations are quite good as well.


@theonecamko Hell yeah! That’s excellent news haha. I’m assuming that’s on Facebook? Their website still has the original whiteboard. A quick googling has revealed this assumption to be correct. I’ve got a bit more confidence going into the log now.

@duketheslaya I agree, but unfortunately I don’t have enough clearance in my basement for zercher carries. So timed holds and sandbag carries it is, hoping that combo will be enough to get me through it come game day.


Add some calf raises while you are doing the holds, will help a bit for when the time comes.