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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log



Ooh uncle mort still has some kink left in him :joy:


haha you’re taking it out of context guys, and maybe it wasn’t the best translation I could come up with.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W3/D2

EMOM Warmup: 5 mintues
15s Airdyne sprint
45s Airdyne jog

Vertical jump: x2
Squat: 175x8, 185x8, 195x8, 200x8
Ab wheel: BWx5

Vertical jump: x2
SSB squat: 140x3x10
Band chop: Purple x3x5

Bulgarian split squat: 25x3x10
Band GM: Green x3x10
Band hamstring curl: Black x3x10

The lower back pump is real on this day. Laid down and put my legs up on the bench for a couple minutes at the end so I could walk up the stairs like a normal person.


It wasn’t uncommon for me to get a lower back pump going with just split squats during my last program.


Haha it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve been getting more used to working through the sensation, but it definitely slows me down.


I was doing them first in the program. I still had squats and deadlifts after them. On the bad days I just threw on my belt and it solved my problem.


I haven’t been lifting with a belt at all, but it’s been on my radar to start doing so. The only place I can go to a store and buy a belt has the cheapie $20 Valeo belts. I’m sure it’d be fine for my purposes, and I definitely don’t want to drop $100+ on a “nice” one yet, but something about buying the bargain bin option doesn’t seem right either.

Belt, knee and elbow sleeves, and wrist wraps I should have by the time the competition comes around though so I can take advantage of any boost they can provide.


EliteFTS is having their 12 days of Christmas sales, keep tabs on that and belts, wraps, and sleeves will all be like 35-50% off in the coming weeks.


I bought the cheap belt from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s leather and it has a buckle and it’s done just fine for me. I just didn’t want Velcro because it wears out. My college had Velcro belts and they were old and used up and the belt would pop open mid rep when you braced against it. I’ll never buy Velcro for that reason.


@Despade Good to know, thanks man!

@JMaier31 I went to Dicks last week and they only had XL belts, which seemed to be more like XXL haha. Way too big for me. I’m sure the $20 belt would be a fine option for now.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W3/D3

Face pulls

BB row: 135x8, 145x8, 155x8, 165x8
Bench:135x8, 145x8, 155x8, 165x8
Leg raise: x10

1 arm BB row: 50x4x10
Football bar bench (outer): 125x2x10, 2x8
BB Russian twist: 25x4x12

Dips: BWx4x10
Pull aparts: Black x4x12

I’m glad Brian didn’t include conditioning in this template, because I keep skipping it. Bad bad bad.


:joy::joy::joy:. He did though. He always says to do it :joy:


Haha it’s the one video that’s it’s not written into the template, but he definitely includes it. I’d be a fool to assume otherwise.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W3/D4

Animal walks
Squat stretch
Dead hang

Broad jump: x2
Deadlift: 255x8, 275x8, 295x8, 315x8
Plank: x20s

Med ball pass: x3
RDL: 205x3x10
Hang crunch: x10

Inverted row: BWx3x10
Sandbag carry: 100x3x80’
Hollow rocks: x20s

Using straps on deads makes a pretty big difference in my strength off the floor. If I get my air up top and drop down to grab and go I have a lot more push than getting my air at the bottom strapped in.



Brian Alsruhe Linear Progression - P1/W4/D1

Warmup circuit:
Face pulls
Squat stretch
Dead hang
Animal walks

NG pullups: BWx8
Press: 65x8, 75x8, 85x8, 100x6+2 rest/pause
Bent knee dragon flag: x10

Overhand pullups: BWx2x8, BWx1x11
Football bar press (outer): 75x2x10, 75x1x9+3 push press
Laying leg raise: 3x10

PJR pullover: 55x2x10, 55x1x12
Axle curl: 45x2x10, 45x1x13
Football bar front raise: 35x2x10, 35x1x13

This workout looks better written down than it felt. Just a really sluggish day, everything including my own body felt like gravity was turned up a bit.

Going into the next 7 weeks I’m going to start making my conditioning and assistance work a bit more specific to the contest coming up. My biggest area of need by far is my overhead strength, but it’s lagging far enough behind that if I make it a sole focus I could potentially screw myself on the events I’m more prepped for. I’ll come up with a game plan sometime this week.


Getting close to you 8/10 rep max, does the program call for rep reduction or keep the weight until you hit 8/10?

You really do hit those workouts like a clockwork Velvet. Well done


Thanks Mort, hoping the consistency pays off.

This is the last week of 8’s, I’ll have a month working in 5’s and then three weeks working in 3’s. The program calls for a full month of 3’s, but that would take me right up to the competition, so I’m cutting the last week for a deload leading up to the event.


So you are liking the program?


I think so, yeah. I’m definitely in the camp of people that don’t care for training but want the results. I think the program has been pretty effective so far so I am liking that.

It’s much different than 5/3/1 that’s for sure. I haven’t really been too concerned with bar speed and perfect reps lately. Those are good things to concern yourself with I’m sure, but it’d been a while since I’ve ‘trained ugly’ which I think I needed to kick start some new growth.




Incline treadmill walk: 25 minutes - 25lb pack

Until I get my hands on a weighted vest I’m just putting plates in my day pack. Going to incorporate these at least once or twice a week on my off days. I can probably double down and get some reading done at the same time.