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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log



Tabata: 8 rounds
20s alternating DB snatch x40
10s DB goblet squat x40

60s rest

Tabata: 8 rounds
20s ring fall outs
10s rest

Nice little 10 minute conditioning workout here. First combo was a real butt kicker for a 4 minute workout. Legs were burning up unsurprisingly and was working the lungs pretty hard. @T3hPwnisher You do something similar with a KB I believe and you’ve given it a name iirc.

Second round was just abs torture. Went unbroken on the reps the first 3 rounds, 4th round they got a little shallow on the extension, and the last 4 rounds included some “resting” in the plank position between extensions and I’m not sure that helped any.

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“Thieves Guild Initiative Quest”. You are snatching the goblet. Special thanks to @simo74 for the inspiration. You are right on how it burns the lungs and legs.

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Only thing I can I inspire you on is a catchy name. Lol

That’s it! Makes sense, although if it’s a reference to something it’s definitely over my head, haha.

I’ll need to pick your brain a little in terms of conditioning workouts soon. When I’ve got time to put together a lucid post I’ll tag you.

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This was an awesome story man! I can’t imagine doing that!! So dang cool dude!!

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Some great work…and the 100 band pulls parts are amazing

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Back workout

Overhand pullups:

GIANT SETS (pull - row - band)

EZ bar pullovers:

BB row:

Straight arm band pulldowns:

Incline prone raise: (2)

Kelso shrugs: (3)

Fine workout, bored of it though. Looking forward to making some changes here.

@wanna_be Thanks dude! A few days after the race, I agreed to do a 20 mile leg of a 100 mile relay in May, but the registration is already full. Can’t say I’m too heartbroken over it, but I guess I’ll have more stories to tell!

@bigpappafrance Thanks man!

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Bench workout

GIANT SETS (row - bench - core)

DB row:

Axle bench:

Band ab crunch:

GIANT SETS (bench - band - shrug)

Axle bench:

Band face pulls:

Hangboard shrug:

SUPER SETS (band - db)

Band pushdowns:
2x failure

DB skull crushers:

Happy with this. Lifting on Sundays is never ideal for me. Pretty underfed today, need to get my nutritional life back on track in a bad way here.

Main sets felt a little too heavy for what they were, and started gassing out on the third supplemental set. Dug deep and managed to get all the sets across though, which was pretty cool.

Triceps were completely toast after the benching, and had basically nothing to give as evidenced by the putrid skull crusher numbers. No big deal.

@Voxel Big time trap burner there. Weight is light so even when you don’t want to you can keep forcing the reps.


90 minutes of raking leaves in the waning sun to warm up.

Leg workout

SUPER SETS (squat - core)


Standing incline ab wheel:

SUPER SETS (pull - core)

Mat pulls:

Dip bar leg raise:

GIANT SETS (lunge - band - raise)

DB reverse lunges:

Band hamstring curl:

Calf raises:

I haven’t free squatted in quite a while. The box squats served me well, but I need to get back to regular squatting for a bit. I was supposed to hit a double at 275, but that didn’t exactly go according to plan. Blame it on the time away, haha.

I pulled that 385 rep without straps and double overhand. That was pretty cool, most I’ve ever pulled in that fashion. That’s about all I could handle though, as my hand was opening up as I neared lockout.

Having the set of bumper plates is such a game changer. I dreaded deadlift workouts in equal parts the effort required to lift the weight, and what a pain in the ass they are to set up with my equipment. No longer! My iron plates are about an inch smaller in diameter (I’ve basically been training deficit deads all this time) so I can slide them on and off without having to prop up the bar. The bumpers are also wide, so the bar doesn’t rock to the left and right constantly. It’s the little things.


2 hours yard work

Press workout

GIANT SETS (chin - press - core)

NG chins: (widest to narrowest grips)

Axle clean and press:

Band side bends:

SUPER SETS (press - shrug)

Axle clean and push press:

DB shrugs:

GIANT SETS (dip - curl - raise)


Axle curls:

Lateral raise:

Solid workout. That rep at 130 was the longest press rep I’ve ever had, I’m talking a good 6 seconds or so. I’ve never really been able to grind out a rep like that before. I’m thinking it’s due to the fact that I can absolutely press that weight, but haven’t tried to do so without taking it out of the rack, so my body was confused as hell.

Didn’t realize one of my DBs was set to 70 and the other 20, so I nearly launched myself to the left when I went to pick them up. Had a good laugh at myself there.

Assistance work at the end was great, really felt the muscles doing the work today. Just realized I forget to get in some pull aparts. I’ll knock out 100 before bed at some point tonight.

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Thieves Guild

Intended on doing another Tabata style workout after, but I blew out my right hamstring on the second “set” of snatches. Don’t think it’s actually injured, because I was able to complete the workout, but it feels pretty wrong right now. That’s a cool thing about conditioning, you can ramp it up.

Tried to do a burpee afterwards and it wasn’t the right idea. Idea was to get some blood going into the legs since I have wicked DOMS today, but I think I just stretched a very tight muscle and it’s complaining now.

I’ve got some time tonight to get some thoughts out before bed, and I may as well take the opportunity to do so rather than put it off for a couple weeks.

Thinking about how I’m going to approach training in the near future, and coming up with a plan. I have a condensed week next week, then heading to the DR for a week after that, then a hectic holiday schedule, so I’ll be freestyling until the new year most likely. Once life settles back down a touch, here’s an idea I’ve been toying with:

Lower body day. Going to pull a progression scheme from one of Brian Alsruhes % based programs. Squats and deads (or variations) on the same day. Single leg work will feature heavily in the assistance work, along with leg curls, and calf raises. I might change up how I hit the assistance work often, but the goal is to really torture the leg muscles more so than progress on lunges.

Press day. Going to take a stab at Rhodes 5x5/3/1 finally, and then follow up the last set with a set of push presses. Going to rotate between DB presses, seated pin presses, and incline bench for 3-4x8-12 after that. Weighted chins, dips, lateral raises, curls, and pull aparts will get worked in here.

Pull day. Going to put in some work on the power snatch and power clean. Probably do something 5/3/1-esque with build up and back off sets of each. Will follow that up with some heavy back work, thinking rows and shrugs make sense here. @kdjohn any suggestions?

Bench day. Going to stick with 5/3/1 BBB for now. BW chins and triceps for assistance this day.

Seems all over the place, it kind of is haha. I discovered I do like the lower body/press/pull/bench set up while training for my race, so that’s holding steady at least. Biggest change will be much more intense lower body days and a totally different pull day. Bench and press days are staying mostly the same theme I’ve been doing for a while now.

These workouts should all take between 40-60 minutes to complete.

On top of the lifting, I need to slot in time to get a run in every week. Maybe two, we’ll see.

Over time, I’d also like to ramp up the conditioning workouts. Getting hit with the bug by @T3hPwnisher and @ChongLordUno. I’m definitely capable of getting into my basement more than once a day to workout, and while I can, I should.

I’ll probably lean on you guys at some point to dial that in. I’ve got pwn’s book of bad ideas, and plenty of nasty workouts from @alpha handy… and don’t worry chong, there’s always burpees.

I like the idea of conditioning to promote recovery. So leg focused workouts after lower day, floor to overhead after press day, maybe carries or loading/strongman workouts after pull day, and burpees or something after bench day.

I need to get some use out of my keg and sandbag. I have a tire sled and a pretty flat driveway that isn’t covered in snow yet. Farmers unfortunately aren’t a great option for me right now.

Zerchers, Curtis Ps, barbell complexes. There’s just too many choices!

I’m not sure how productive the time I spent writing this was, but it feels good to get it in words and out of my head right now.

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Did you see Adam Ondra’s belay “technique”?

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Wow, that is flawlessly executed. Truly a pro’s pro, haha.

That depends: are you wanting to use the power snatch and clean as lifts you progress on, with the added benefit of getting some back work in, or as lifts to drive back growth, with the possibility of upping the poundage? Very different approaches.

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Pull workout

Overhand chins:

GIANT SETS (pull - row - band)

EZ bar pullover:

BB row:

Straight arm band pulldowns:

Incline prone raise: (2)

Kelso shrug: (3)

Good back workout, huge pump between the shoulder blades which is an area I’m lacking a bit in terms of back development. Feels good to be hitting that.

@kdjohn I’m thinking the former. I’d like to use those to build some explosive strength and then rely on things like rows and shrugs for growth. Thinking I’ll get more bang for my buck there.

Sounds like a solid approach my man. You will crush it, burpees or not

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Tabata burpees

Just for you @ChongLordUno - I kid, I kid. Got it done though.

Had to type and print my fiancees maid of honor speech for her best friends wedding today, of course I had printer troubles that took a while to get sorted out. Still had enough time to get something in though, so stripped down to the boxers and knocked it out.

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Alright, good to know.

FAIR WARNING: this is inevitably going to be a fucking essay, because I like to hear myself talk (see myself type? I don’t know).

Okay, so firstly, when you’re working on the power snatch and clean, but no jerk, you’re really only doing 1.5 lifts. Reason being, the snatch has (despite there being technically 3 pulls), 2 main sections: floor to “float” (when the bar hits roughly solar plexus or chest height and floats for a moment), and “float” to overhead. Those two sections require vastly different accessories, in my opinion, and if you want to improve your snatch for the sake of getting stronger in the movement, you’ll want to employ pulling from the floor, and overhead work pertaining to the snatch.

The power clean has no such issue, really, because it’s the first half of a full lift: the clean & jerk. There’s still some “float” in the clean, but getting the bar on your clavicle can really be a matter of being ridiculously strong in pulling from the floor.

With that in mind, first you should think if you really care about pursuing both lifts, or if just the power clean is good enough for you. It’ll still build power, and it’ll also give you some back stimulation.

All that said, assuming you still want to pursue both, here’s how I’d go about it, training each lift only once per week, both on the same day:

Both lifts will benefit from lower-reps; generally, I’d say nothing above 5, because there’s a higher level of skill involved, especially in the snatch, and fatigue will demolish your form very quickly and ingrain poor habits. You’ll alternate week-to-week between intensity and volume for both lifts, on opposing schedules. So if you’re working intensity for the snatch that week, cleans will be volume. Vice versa the next week. You will also always start with the snatch, no matter the week, because it’s a more demanding movement and requires more of your nervous system.

For intensity, I like to build up in sets of 2 for the snatch, and sets of 3 for the clean. Spend at least 2 sets at each weight, to make sure you’ve really got that weight nailed. Keep going until you see a marked decrease in the speed of the movement, or things are getting sloppy and unstable. These are not grindy lifts like The Big 3.

For volume, sets of 3 for the snatch, and sets of 5 for the clean. The weight should be chosen at approx. 75-90% of your top set from the intensity week. Again, these are skill movements, so lower percentages on volume weeks are ideal, because we want to ingrain good habits. High number of sets on volume weeks. Like, minimum 5 sets. You can build a little bit here too, but stay within a 5-10% range (for example, 2 sets @ 75%, 2 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%).

I would make at least one movement during the rest of the session related to the intensity lift for that week. So if you did snatches, maybe you do snatch-grip bent-over rows/SLDL, or snatch-grip hyperextensions with a Kelso shrug at the top, or just Kelso shrugs with a snatch-grip. If it’s a clean week, maybe you do clean high pulls from the hang position, or bent-over rows in a position that resembles the start of your clean set-up. Those are just a few examples.

The other thing I’d consider is making one of your movements on a pressing day some type of snatch press; snatch presses are snatch-grip pressing movements always done behind the neck. This could be strict presses, push presses, snatch balances only dropping to the power position (basically a snatch “jerk”). You could also do overhead squats on leg days as warm-ups for regular squats.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Lemme know what questions you have. Hope that helps!

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