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Velvet's Lifting and Other Fun Stuff Log


Just keep going until you get stapled to the rack.


Haha I’ve been stapled to the rack enough times to know it does me no good. Something about the eccentric loading and lack of concentric action makes my knees go nuts.

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Brian Alsruhe Powerbuilder - B2/W4/D3

BB row: 135x8, 155x6, 175x9
Bench: 135x8, 155x6, 175x7
Band chop: x5/side
Airdyne: x30s

T-bar row (# of plates): 2x10, 2.5x10, 3x10
Clsoe grip bench: 115x10, 135x8, 155x7
Band chop: x5/side
Airdyne: x30s

Continuous clean and press:
105x3 - EMOM x8 minutes

I took a nap before this to simulate waking up and training in the morning… yeah that’s it.


Haha, I took a nap before my workout this evening as well. Thanks for the excuse!



AM: 3 mile hike


Brian Alsruhe Powerbuilder - B2/W4/D4

Box jump: x2
Pause deadlift (3s pause): 245x6, 275x4, 315x2
Plank: x20s
Turkish get up: 30x3

Box jump: x2
Deadlift: 245x8, 275x6, 315x10
Plank: x20s
Turkish get up: 30x3

GHR: 1x9, 1x7, 1x5
45* back raise: BWx3x10
Lat pulldown: "8"x3x10

Wanted to put a little more effort into the assistance since I had the nice gym gadgets available but I had to hit the road.

@littlesleeper No problem man! All about perspective haha.


You are a sick man.

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Had a few minutes to get this up here today, only about a month after the fact:

Video isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s something. Rewatching this is pretty funny now, very clear where some practice with the implements would have paid off a lot. First time with anything is rarely pretty.

Aside from getting stronger and practicing with the implements, any tips from the strongman community here? @flipcollar @T3hPwnisher @TX_iron @theonecamko @Koestrizer @brady888 @strongmanvinny2

Tips from those who regularly stop by but don’t necessarily compete are welcome too!

Feb '19 Photo/Video Check-In

which events did you do the worst in? the sandbags looked good, and the deadlift was ok. Farmers was pretty fast, minus that early hiccup.

Ok, so the first thing I’ll comment on is the log, since that’s one of my best events. The key to the log is a solid rack position. Everything comes from there. When you dip, you need to force your elbows up. Keep that log racked solidly. You lost all your energy transfer from the legs because the log rolled forward off your shoulders each time you dipped. Elbows high. I think front squats (clean grip of course) translate well to fixing this problem. You also need to keep tension in your lats and butt. flex those. lol.

sandbag was fine, just be faster on transitions from bag to bag. That’s a thing you can apply to most events. transitions are an EXCELLENT place to save time. Too many people get lazy there. Fast picks on carries, fast turnarounds, etc. so on this, just grab and throw, grab and throw.

farmers were mostly fine. I don’t have much to add there.

conan’s: lean back more. what happened there? you gave up really quickly. did you just lose your hold on the bar?

deadlift technique was fine. It looked like that was probably technically your best event. just gotta get stronger. i think you paced yourself alright.


Great effort dude. For stuff that stood out…

I’m not much of a push presser, but I’d try a narrower stance on the log next time. Similar to a stance you’d jump from. Should help with power transfer.

For deads, with straps, try learning how to pull with a thumbless grip. You should be able to set the straps that they work against each other, and all you need are your hands to keep them closed. This will allow you to cheat a little on the ROM.

Sandbag and farmers looked solid. I have zero experience with the conan’s wheel.


@flipcollar The log and Conans wheel were for sure my worst events. The rack thing totally makes sense, as once I got it up there I realized just how unique that thing is. Totally unprepared for it haha.

The video doesn’t really show it, but I started passing out on the wheel and when I tried to get a little breath I kinda just dropped the thing. Thanks for the insight man, appreciate it!

Edit: I actually didn’t get a scorecard with any time splits or anything. I do know I came in last all around except the log (two of us 0’d it, so tie lol) and the bags were probably within a fraction of a second for all four of us. The drop on the farmers put me in the basement, otherwise 2-4 was also pretty close.

@T3hPwnisher that wide stance was the first thing I noticed when I rewatched the videos. Not sure why I thought that was a good idea in the moment. I’ll give the thumbless grip a couple practice runs to see if I can get the hang of shortening the ROM. Thanks man!


so based on what you’re saying, this sounds like the implements overall were probably too light. Except for the log, which was probably too heavy, lol.

If everyone was that close on the bags, then I would say the bar was too low. it looks realllllly low. That’s just not challenging enough. But yea, what I said above DEFINITELY applies if you were that close. You really took your time between bags, that has to be why you lost, because the throws themselves were fine.

so the conan’s wheel is ALL about breathing, and getting the implement in a good place to start with. It’s hard, I"m not good at it. I lose it every time it comes up. But at least I know why I lose, lol.


Beat me to it. The biggest difference on the log for me came from keeping my elbows high & tight (parallel). Your delts and upper chest should be flexed and solid.

Also you may want to go shoeless on comp deadlifts, to minimize ROM. I like to train in chucks and compete shoeless to mimic training with a very small deficit.

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Brian Alsruhe Powerbuilder - B2/W5/D1

NG pullup: +15x2x9, +15x1x12
Press: 75x10, 85x8, 95x9
Bandy twisty things: x12
Airdyne: x30s

Rack chins: BWx3x10
High incline axle press: 105x6, 120x4, 135x6
Seated windshield wipers: x10
Airdyne: x30s

Football barhead overhead raise: 25x4x10
Axle curl: 40x4x10
PJR pullover: 45x4x10
Band facepull: 4x10
Circuit time - 9:39

@flipcollar Yeah, safe to say I royally messed up the breathing haha. Live and learn right? That gym has another competition with similar events in September, might try that one or see what other local ones pop up between now and then.

@TX_iron Thanks man! Shoeless I didn’t even think of. Plenty to work on prior to the next show.


Second voice for sprinting between medley type things. Someone said “slow down turbo” and people laughed when I ran between implements, but i won the event.

I do better with the log when I can minimize the amount of time I hold it in a racked position. I rest at the top or on the ground. I’m no log expert though.

I hate pulling from mid shin height, I pull more from the ground. Probably because i suck.

Good work competing! Always fun, always full of learning opportunities.


Great effort man! Congrats again for completing your first show. I won’t be of much help because I have never thrown or done a Conan’s wheel.

Your speed on farmer’s looked pretty good.
I second the rack position on log but (and this goes beyond instinct, haha) but I am not on the same page with @T3hPwnisher about stance. Maybe bring it in a touch but I find a wide stance very beneficial. The key to make it work is to drive your knees out instead of forward. Think of it as pushing with the hips more so than the quads.

I am a pretty shitty deadlifter so I can’t say much more than “good job”. For me, this starting height would be a nightmare.

Last comment: What kind of shoe are you wearing? I am watching on my phone so I can’t tell but it looks like running shoes?

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@brady888 Thanks for the insight man. Definitely a few things to work on speed wise here that I should be able to shore up easily. Need to get my hands on a log for some real practice though.

@Koestrizer Thanks for the tips man. Avoid the Conans wheel if you can, didn’t seem like anyone was particularly excited for it that day haha. The shoes are Reebok Crossfit Nano 2s. They’ve been my go-to training shoe for a couple years now, got a pair on clearance for like $40. Pretty flat and hard sole, but ditching them for the deadlift probably would have been a good move.

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There you go, ignore my comment about the choice of footwear then. Hard, flat sole is what I would have advised.

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Looked like you went super hard on everything which is great, but I think you rushed yourself on the farmers and conans wheel. Other than that there’s not much to say, everyone else has some good pointers.

Good stuff, looking forward to your next contest.

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So just took a peak at the upcoming USS shows near me. There’s one in April that would line up with my current schedule but it’s got log and yoke. I don’t have a way to practice those right now so I don’t see that going all that well given my last experience haha.

There’s one in mid-May about 3 hours from me that looks like a lot of fun. Events are keg clean and press, arm-over-arm van pull, keg loaded car style deadlift, keg carry and load medley, and a stein hold. Might have to go for this one.

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I saw this one and was thinking of doing it as well, looks like a good time. Plus I know some guys who workout at the gym hosting it