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Velocity Support Group


Yea I know there have been a few in the past bit just want to keep it updated.

I plan on starting it on Tuesday. Anyone else planning on getting on the diet anytime soon?

What weight training split you doing?

so let me know. who else is gonna jump on the band wagon?



Off to a good start I see!(sarcasm)


Any critques would be nice.

I started today...

Feeling hungry all day even with the HOT-ROX. So I plan on drinking 5 shakes a day which I calculated brings me to around 1100 calories, I will sprinkle flax seed over the shakes through out the day which is around 180 and the salmon capsules, 21 of them, will bring me to about 210 calories. So roughly bringing my total on non-lifting days to about 1490. On lifting days however, I have run into a problem. 1630 is my caloric intake and I need it to be about 1800. I am following the diet and am wondering what went wrong? Should I just add another shake? That would bring my intake on lifting days to about 1850.

Any suggestions would be great and I hope some more people decide to join me in this lenghty endevor.

Metabolic Drive
Natures Bounty 1000mg Salmon Oil
Vitamin C
GNC Cold Milled Flax Seed
Flax Seed 1000mg Tablets

As far the workouts I am going to continue on the Total Body Workout by Chad Waterbury.

Planning on walking in morning or night... I swim about a 1000 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


eh, I'm not a big fan of the program. It's a little overcomplicated for a moderate diet. I'd just say have an extra shake if it's in your caloric budget.


Well one day down.. and it was shitty. Headaches, felt tired, even after taking the HOT-ROX. Please tell me I will adapt to this and after a week or so wont feel or notice this?



The diet went off without a problem for me. No hunger or anything after day 1.

The calorie thing might be fixed up by the following : On weight training days you are suppose to drink 5 shakes PLUS the Surge, only dropping the fish oils. This drops 210 calories but adds 350.

In any event, the cals are so low that you can get away with having 2000 or so and still do well.

-The morning cardio is very important I think. Those who have done it report better results than those who didnt.

-Maybe try using less water and make the powder into pudding instead of a shake, that way it is a little more like food instead of a drink.


Thanks for the reply, I will just stick it out and see what happens.

More Questions....

Should I take creatine while on this or will this just maintain my water weight which I should shed in the first week.

Also, should I be taking ZMA, Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin on this diet?




I just completed the V-Diet on 14 Feb and it's just what the doctor ordered (so to speak). It's simple and structured...and exactly what I needed to get my nutrition back on track. Some people disagree on this but it worked great as a short-term kick in the ass.

As far as energy, the worst stretch for me was day 2-5. I felt sluggish, light-headed and my brain was definitely NOT firing on all cylinders. These feelings were most likely the result of my high carb (read "simple sugar") intake prior to starting.

Bottom line: If you can tough out the first 5 days, you're body will adapt to the diet and you'll actually feel more energetic than before you started. Week 2 is probably the worst as far as cravings go but from an energy standpoint, you should be good to go. Once you get on to week 3, it's all downhill.

Make sure you're doing the cardio in the morning (in a fasted state). I performed 30 minutes on the elliptical 3 days per week and did CT's OVT Phase I and II the other 4 days (I was 2 weeks into Phase I when I startd the V-Diet). I was able to do all 5 sets of 5 for every exercise and didn't run out of energy at the gym. I also gained strength throughout the V-Diet. Again, your body will adapt to calorie deficit.

If you'd like, you can PM me for additional information.

Stay focused and motivated and keep reminding yourself why you're doing this...the 28 days will be over before you know it.

Good luck!


One more thing...

Definitely take ZMA as well as a multi-vitamin. You won't be getting any nutrients from whole foods so you need the multi to get all the good stuff normal food gives ya.

I used Metabolic Drive, Surge, Power Drive (1 scoop added to my PWO Surge), HOT-ROX, ZMA, Fish Oil, Milled Flaxseeds and a multi-vitamin.

It's expensive...but you won't be spending money on all those Ho-Ho's and Twinkies. It's definitely worth it.


thanks nater. exactly what i needed to hear! I will PM you later, I have to get to class, my cardio went to long this morning!



Week 2 is definitely the worst. I was thinking to myself "Jesus christ I just want to chew something!" and then by week 3.5 or so its like "Fuck it...These are good shakes"

Basically at the end of week 4 I could have kept going for anohter 4 weeks no problem. The shakes and stuff just become your diet. I've been off for almost 2 weeks now and am still drinking 2 shakes a day and eating 3 times no problem.

I STRONGLY recommend setting a plan of attack for transition, maybe add 1 solid food meal a day ever 4th day or so until eventually you are eating 5 to 6 meals after a month or 6 weeks. Not only will the fat loss gains CONTINUE but you will also get back into the swing of things so you wont put any fat back on. I've lost 3 more pounds since my V-diet ended and it appears to all be fat...good stuff.


thanks guys. keep it up.

another question, is it alright to be lifting at 9:00 at night? That is the only time I have to lift and am assuming its better than not at all.

Just wondering?



It should be alright. I think i've read on here that it doesn't really matter when you train, and the PWO window rules still apply even at 9:00 at night.

Don't get so caught up in the minutia that you forget about the bigger goals.


yo Lonnie,

well since it looks like its only you and I in this thread, this post is goin to you.

3rd Day today:

Yesterday was a sinch. I went out to food with some friends, guzzled down green tea and water but the burgers they were eating. (thought about taking the thing and shoving it in my mouth) Anyways, things arent that bad. Last night lifting was intense and I could feel myself losing weight. lol. Anyways going good so far, dreading next week.




sup law,

I'm at the tail end of my velocity diet. I'm only doing it for 4 weeks though. I posted a before, and this weekend I'll post my after.
But anyway, I hate this diet. But it works. It sucks because at my work, every other monday they order pizza for meetings, and every friday we order lunch from applebee's etc. So, I drink my shake, and everyone laughs and enjoys their ribs, pizza, what have you.
I just miss the actual eating I think.
We had friends over one night, and my wife had snacks out, and I grabbed a Triscut unknowingly and took a bite. Then I caught myself and yelled..."What the hell am I doing?" The wife looked at me like I was crazy, but to me, it was like I had just stole something.
I'm drinking around 6 shakes a day, somedays 5, if I can't stand to have another. I'm taking HOT-ROX, gang of flax, fish, salmon oils, Animalpak and a centrum multi vitamin, green tea pills.....am i forgetting anything? I have noticed that instead of the usual chocolate or vanilla, it's nice to grab an isopure for a bit of change. it's kind of like a little treat and it's like drinking koolaid instead of the usual. i've been getting around 400 gms of protein a day to try and keep my muscle. I have noticed that my energy has gone down some. So, I have to jack myself to workout sometimes. But I workout in the evenings also, around 7:30 or 8:00. I've been jumping a lot of rope, doing the renegade rope training....YIKES! check that out if you want a kick in the ass.
I know I'm only doing 4 weeks worth, but I have gone from 225 lbs and 24% bf, to 215 and 15%. So, for me it is working, and I'm starting to see my abs again!
I wish you luck....and hang on. After week 1, it's like a way of life that you are used to. But I am looking forward to a nice meal Saturday evening!
Oh yeah, I did cheat and eat a lean steak with vegetables on valentines night with the wife. And if you've read it...the statement is RIGHT ..."After the velocity diet, brocoli tastes like pu**y"



god damn thats good to hear.

I have been craving a turkey/roast beef/ tuna sandwich, with jalepaneos, tomatoes, lettuce and mustard.

Damn thats a lot of protein?


Im getting a little above 200




I also got ZMA for the first time. How should I be taking this on the Velocity Diet? Morning, Noon, Night? Let me know.



so today was miserable. but I think I'm just bitching. Sorry. Tonight i cracked and had a can of tuna.

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 70

Total Fat: 1 g.
Sodium: 250 mg.
Total Carbs: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Protein: 15g

So in all is it really that bad, and if I eat a can a day how much will this hinder my effects, or will it hinder them at all?

Thanks guys,



Started Monday... and Tuesday I started the flu.

I am on tamiflu now, and an inhaler due to bronchial spasms I seem to get after I get sick. Problem is I just got over a cold, and spent a month with this cough, and combining that with the new cough is ripping my chest apart.

The way I am following the diet, I am having one cheat meal a week, and 3 other clean solid meals with calories roughly around what one shake would be. Attempting to stick with lean meat, and veggies for those meals.

Law, the shakes are just food, so substituting tuna for some of the calories (half a shake serving) really shouldn't cause too much of a problem, although you might want to double check the nutritional info you listed. How many servings are in that tuna?

Anyway, that is why I am modifying the diet by adding 3 solid meals a week. Seriously you could create a completely solid meal V-Diet, or a half and half type of diet. Although Shugart would say that technically is not the V-Diet, but it should work the same way as far as fat loss. Can't comment about the change in taste though.


Ah, who gives a crap. It's not gonna kill ya.
Dude, it's a very hard diet to stick to. If you tweak it a little, you can still meet goals, just not as extreme.
Make it your own, it's your life right?
But if you can stick to it for the majority, you'll be good.

When I took ZMA, I took it at night before bed.
It gave me some crazy dreams.

Basically, you gotta say "F" everybody else, this is for me. If they eat, you drink. Sometimes I felt like I was cheating by putting egg white in my shakes. It's not really a big deal, but it helps the mind.

Late Bro. BE STRONG THIS WEEKEND...they're the toughest.




Glad to see you're sticking with the V-Diet.

As far as ZMA, take it according to the bottle's instructions. Here's an exert from my schedule:

9PM Metabolic Drive Shake/5 Fish Caps
1130PM ZMA
1215AM Metabolic Drive Shake
1230AM Sleep

The bottle says "take on empty stomach or avoid taking with food or sups containing calcium". I try to wait two hours after my 2nd to last shake and wait another hour before consuming my last shake of the day.

Now, on to the tuna...my personal opinion is that it's possible to sub a can of tuna for a shake. Zero carbs and lots of good protein...but don't make this a habit because it can lead to other food "justifications". Remember, it's only 28 days...your body will adapt and the shakes are damn tasty. I can't imagine trying to do this with any other kind of protein shake. Metabolic Drive is the shit!

Keep up the good work man...do your best to stick to the plan as published. There's a reason you chose this diet (as opposed to other T-Nation diets) and your efforts will definitely pay off in the fat loss department.