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Velocity Diet + Wrestling Season?


Ok I'm going to be starting the Velocity Diet in about a month for wrestling season. I'm still going to be planning on lifting three times a week in the morning, but monday - friday I'm going to have wrestling practice for like two hours.

Its really hard non stop cardio and not the light jog built into the program. Should I add an additional shake or two or not? Any thoughts or advice would be great.


You should be training so hard during wrestling season that you eat whatever the hell you want. You will be weak as a chicken on the Velocity Diet.


But I had to put on like 15-20 lbs for football and then I'm going to have to lose it. Last year I just tried not eating much and lost the weight but it was a lot of muscle too, so this year I wanted a diet where I could lose weight quickly, have something set that I can eat and not lose muscle.


redrum are you implying that dieting isn't that much important when playing sports like football and wrestling for example? I ask because I've been trying to eat good during the season and I think I've lost around 12 pounds; the problem is that I'm not sure if it was all fat weight. I normally eat beefy things and chicken salads most of the time.


Well, I don't want to ruffle too many feathers on this site, but the Velocity Diet is not the best way to lose fat fast while keeping as much muscle as possible.


I do think diet is important during the season for any sport.


start the V-Diet now. consume carbs thursday evenings and friday up until your football game and follow the V-Diet the rest of the week. Your practices will be shitty, but not as bad if you followed the V-Diet during wrestling season. whatever you decide on, try not to lose too much muscle.