Velocity Diet Without HOT-ROX

I plan to join the ever swelling ranks of people who have tried this diet ( perhaps ever swelling is an inappropriate choice of words ). I want to start on Monday the eighteenth but don’t have in my possession yet all the stuff needed. I have low carb whey protein and fish oil capsules but not the ones favoured by the diets originators. I also have no thermogenic products HOT-ROX etc and no fiber sources.

I was planning on just doing this diet with the things I have at hand and for a fibre source just having a bowl of steamed broccoli or something similar at nightime. As for oil I was just going to mix olive oil in with my shake is that a good/bad idea?

As for the thermogenics I was just not going to bother ( in the past taking stuff like this has contributed I think to setting off my panic attacks something that I have had for a good portion of my adult life and will do anything to avoid ).

I know the optimum way to run the Velocity Diet is adhering to the supplements mentioned but even if my results aren’t optimum surely I can have success of sorts with the above plan? Any pointers?

I did a similar diet to the velocity diet w/o HOT-ROX, as I have similar anxiety issues. Depending on which body fat measurements you take, I either gained 2 or lost 1.5 lbs of muscle, and lost about 10 lbs of fat in 3 weeks. I worked out 2-3x per week. My arm measurements went up, my waist went down, and my legs stayed the same. I feel it was a tremendous success.

I am now doing it again with Alpha Male starting monday, since the Carbolin 19 ingredient did not cause me the problems yohimbe and ephedrine did, and the test stuff couldnt hurt.

I drank a ton of hot green tea and yerba mate tho, at first to kill cravings then just for pleasure and the possible fat burning properties of the green tea. I sipped it for 8-11 hours a day at work.

It wasnt strict V-Diet, weekends I just ate clean as possible and I had 2-3 small, clean solid meals per week as I had several lunches to attend.

Thanks Milktruck it looks like you got great results despite not sticking to this diet strictly to the letter. That gives me a lot of hope. Thanks a lot mate and good luck with your future goals

I have completed the diet and I did use HOT-ROX. I do not think it is necessary to use the product it just helps with the cravings and energy.

I do however think a protein rich in casein is necessary! I would never do this diet with whey protein. It is just crazy IMO.

I would get casein protein and drink a lot of green tea if you do not want to take HOT-ROX.

So I would not start the diet til you get these things.

oh yeah, you can do the diet with regular fish oils but if you take Flameout you can have 2 table spoons of natty pb a day. This was a lifesaver for me.
Just my opinions. good luck

Why not whey? Too quickly digested?

This idea of casein protein has me intrigued. I beleve one of the best sources of casein protein is cottage cheese. Does this mean that I could just down five or six servings of cottage cheese a day and get results? Swap the protein shakes for a tub of cottage cheese?

We cant get HOT-ROX in Australia so we’re forced to use different fat burners…

I feel really relieved to have found this thread. I really want to follow the V-Diet to the letter, but money is so tight, and I cant get hold of Flameout at all. It sounds like I could do it just making sensible substitutions. Is coffee ok instead of HOT-ROX? If I drink coffee, I get very dizzy and suffer from palpitations, so I imagine HRX would blow my head off! I drink whey shakes now, and they make me gag unless I use whole milk. I hope casein shakes are more palatable. I will post a new thread when I have all my gear, and post my progress. I hope you will look in and say Hi.

I might be wrong but I believe the perk to using HOT-ROX in addition but not limited to it’s fat burning affect is the androgen that is in it to prevent muscle loss.