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Velocity Diet With Real Food?


Hello All

I have a question for anyone that tried the Velocity Diet. I realize the calories are quite restricted.

My question however though is that, would the diet still not be as effective if you were to use real food as opposed to powder all day long.

Of course keeping in mind you stay within the recommended calories and protein levels.

I would of course be using powder first thing in the morning and Surge during/post workout.



I think it would have a relatively similar effectiveness.

For example my room-mate HATES protein shakes; he can only tolerate Grow! and he's too broke to buy a lot of it. So he's probably going to do the diet with the cheap powder and mix in in peanut butter instead of flax meal. While peanut butter is a very inferior choice compared to flax I think their are acceptable substitutions:

1) Eggs
2) Cheese
3) Almonds
4) Seeds
5) Other nuts
6) Tuna
7) Chicken Breast
8) Some fish
9) Beef Jerky


One of the biggest advantages of the V-Diet is that it's a no-brainer. There are 110 calories per scoop of Low Carb Grow!, that's all you need to remember.

With whole foods, you'd need to do a boatload of measuring and preparing in order to stick within your guidelines. Not to mention, the temptation to cheat will be much stronger.

So, it could technically be "effective" but:
A - It would, by definition, no longer be the V-Diet.

and B - The overall difficulty in sticking to it would be increased.