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Velocity Diet w/ Mag-10

Would the original and new versions of the velocity diet not work better with pulses of mag 10 rather than metabolic drive? Assuming costs is not an issue. Also you would need less protein and less pulses for the same anabolic effect…

Metabolic Drive would, I assume, keep insulin levels lower making it easier to mobilize fat considering that Metabolic Drive doesn’t contain carbs while Mag-10 does.

Yes, but you need far less protein from mag 10. In theory 3 pulses see would be “as good” as 5 2 scoop servings of MD per day. (Quality vs quantity)
3 pulses would quickly return insulin to nil and in that case I’d expect faster fat loss. You might even be able to have three pulses or four pulses in a day and stay in ketosis…Which if when we’re doing the original velocity you certainly are in light ketosis for the majority of the time.
Now it would be a harder, it would be harder because one would be hungrier (MD slow digesting would be more satiating) that’s the only aspect I see against doing just such a protocol for for body recomp.

This would be more appropriate reposted over in the Velocity Diet Support forum: https://biotest-forums.t-nation.com/c/velocity-diet-support

Long story short, using Mag-10 instead of Metabolic Drive wouldn’t necessarily be “better”, it would be a fundamentally different plan - changing the total daily calories, macros, satiety, etc.

A “multiple Mag-10 servings with some food” fat loss plan would be the Pulse Feast:

Or, even shorter term, the Pulse Fast: