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I did the original Velocity Diet many years ago, and I remember it included Hot-Rox. For the newer V-Diet, is it still recommended? Not recommended? Optional? Or does it depend on context, like how much weight needed to lose?


Sorry the major delay. Hot-Rox is optional now.

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Hello! I am getting ready to start the Velocity Diet in a couple of days. I had a question about the daily walk. I will try to get outside for a walk when I can, but I know that won’t happen every day. Would it work for me to use an elliptical? I read that it’s not supposed to be intense cardio, but if I just did a slow pace would it be okay?

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Absolutely - just stay at conversational tone or basically a pace you could hold for half an hour without being too stressed out.


Hi @Chris_Shugart
I finally decided that I wanted to try out the Velocity Diet and went to the store, only to find that Metabolic Drive is not in stock until 7/31!

Do you think it’s possible to try the diet with a different protein powder? I really would like to start it ASAP and can’t wait for the restock date.

I’m thinking of using the OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY PROTEIN brand because I enjoyed the brand before.

No. A whey-only product would lead to crashes, cravings, and muscle loss. Best to wait, start practicing HSMs, etc.


Thanks for the reply Chris!

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Guys, I wonder if I could add some fat to cock my meal, such as butter, olive oil, cocking spray or is it a big No No !! And should I keep my fat intake a gram of my body weight in kilos.