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Velocity Diet Supplements

If you were doing the Velocity Diet, and due to being raped by the cost of supplements in this fine country were forced to choose between Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, and HOT-ROX, Which of the 3 would you choose? Please bear in mind that my primary concern is maintaining as much muscle mass as possible, rather then maximum fat loss [eg i’d rather loose 10lbs fat and no muscle then 15 lbs fat and 5 lbs muscle].

  • NB. I mean we’re being raped in comparison to the US prices, especially when you work out how much it would cost if T-Nation would actually send shit to us, rather then going through an alternative agent.

HOT-ROX. Both Fatloss and muscle preservation. Thats why Chris used it in the first place.

Yeah I figured as much, I simply wasn’t sure of its muscle retention abilities compared to the other products.

I am currently doing the V-diet and I am almost done with week 2. I have been using HOT-ROX and am very happy with the results so far. I was also worried about the fat to muscle ratio but so far have lost almost 8 lbs and have kept and actually increased my strength a little. Probably due to either HOT-ROX or the increase amount and better types of protien that i am now getting. Hard to get from chow hall food and I have no grocery store to go to mind you.!!! This is my first time using HOT-ROX and I like it alot so far.