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Velocity Diet Supplements in Australia?


Hey guys.
I live in australia and i want to do the Velocity Diet.
But alot of Biotest products are banned in australia AE-7 and Yohimbe, Flameout etc.

So HOT-ROX are out.
I know Chris says stay true to Biotest but alot of it we cant get.
And for Australian's wanting to do the diet it leaves us at a huge disadvantage.

What do you suggest i use instead?


You can still get normal HOT-ROX I believe but I don't think this is the main thing you need to successfully follow the diet.

Flameout is banned in oz ???? if so then get some other quality brand. Fish oil is important.

this place sells a lot of Biotest products at good prices



WHAT THE!!!! I just did a check and you can't get HOT-ROX in Oz anymore? what the? and Biotest.com.au only selling powders?

That is pathetic.

Stupid Oz. They really get my goat sometimes. I'm not living there anymore, sometimes I look at the things they do and think "you idiots what are you doing."



HOT-ROX is only avilable at one store the other products you can get via Biotest which i believe they dont run much in oz as most of the stuff is banned.
im in a big pickle.
any other suggestions.


Honestly, no. Most fat burners are total bollocks and a waste of money. Seriously, quality fish oil and proteins are the best you can do. The fat burners are really icing on the cake, you don't NEEED them as long as you do the rest.

You could probably import Flameout from Biotest usa no problems, I would not try and import HOT-ROX though, nor protein (shipping weight sux)


You must be looking at the old site. Try this instead:


Odd the old site is still there. Would have though they'd redirect the old addy to the new one.


Maximum HOT-ROX or just HOT-ROX ??


Flameout isn't banned, I have no idea where you got that from.

Shipping in protein from the states isn't overly expensive, assuming you are bringing it in in bulk - which one would be doing if planning on going on the V-Diet. I just ordered about 5 tubs, worked out around 50 AUD for a tub - cheaper than going to my local supp store and buying some, though with the risk of customs doing something funny.

Regarding fatburners, I don't know, if anyone has worked out a way to get HOT-ROX in please let us all know =)


doesnt in say on the Biotest site you can get HOT-ROX ??


I never had trouble getting HOT-ROX, but max strength is banned because of the ingredients.

$50 for protein is not bad actually. That is a good price usually it is even double that in Oz.



HOT-ROX and HOT-ROX Maximum are both banned in Australia.
And we wont be getting any other Biotest fat burners in.

That is direct for Biotest Australia.


Stupid aussie customs.