Velocity Diet Questions

I just found the velocity diet, and am going to do it. Heres my questions;

I found T-Nation 4 years ago, when I was 19 or so, after being a FFB, dropping about 40lbs the wrong way, I put on about 20lbs of lean muscle in 2 years, bench 275, squat 405, deadlift around 500 @ 185lbs and 6ft, I was very happy.

2 years ago, I hurt my back during a bulking cycle, found the game of poker, during my recovery, and spent the next 2 years, putting in about 50 hours a week playing/learning about the game, I quit my job and became a pro about a year ago (low paying job etc, Im still in school now though). Im making great money, and have all the time in the world, except for classes.

Unfortunetly, I never stopped eating like I was bulking, and got very fat over 2 years time, because of the inactivity. I got the burn last month to do something about it, and July 1st I got on a strict diet, just like old times. Ive lost 10lbs so far, for july, and figure on being down to 285 by Aug 1st, and Im into a healthier daily routine.

I want to go on velocity, I want to drop weight quickly, and safely. I know you cant gain muscle on a cut, but I can dead about 225, squat 185ish now.

What do you think is the best thing to do, stay on a “higher” calorie low carb diet, and take advantage of that “beginers luck” of being able to drop fat, and gain muscle, or take the extreme route and try to get as much weight off as possible? How long can I use this diet? I figure 8 weeks on this diet, I should be able to get down to 225 ish, then I can get on T-Dawg?? What do you guys suggest?

Well I do not have any answers for you, but I am in almost the same situation an you. I will be starting the V-diet in about 3 weeks after i get the money to order the supplies, and get ti here, till then im just getting back into working out and trying to eat clean. Im about 310 myself and want to get down to 200 again like i was before. Maybe we can conpare results and such see how each other varies.
Good Luck

This is the 2nd time ive seen this post, in another thread.

Here is my advice.


Im am currently on the VD and have dropped 46 lbs of FAT total. I started the VD with HOT-ROX and am ending it with Carbolin 19 and then another bottle of HOT-ROX.

Started at 260 and im 213 as i type.
Be sure to adhere to the cal guidelines set forth in the diet in its orignal form.

Beginners luck? HAHHA you shouldnt look at nutrition in this way.

but who am i to talk smack… im still a FB.


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