Velocity Diet Question

I am wondering is anyone has done the velocity diet for the full 28 weeks and thinks having the 1 meal a week has to be decent, i.e. chicken oatmeal etc… Basically wondering if to satistfy a craving changing the 1 meal a week to more like a true cheat meal, not day, would have a signifigant impact on the results. Coming up to my first meal in 2 more days, but have dropped 10 pounds in the first 5 days. The diet isnt, in my opinion, that hard but i just love food. I think it would just be nice to eat some chicken wings n drink a beer while watching the playoffs. But if i get too many people saying it will negatively effect the diet then well… sigh, mmmm grilled chicken it is.

First of all, I dont know if the “28 weeks” part was a typo, but the diet is only for 28 days.

As for the solid meal, I’m pretty sure grilled chicken breast would take priority over wings had Shugs had those two options. Take the breasts.

Yea 28 weeks was a typo… I think that would kill me. Well i guess i wa looking for a little re-assuance to stick with the decent food rather than falling way off the diet for that 1 meal. Thanks.

I second the “breasts over wings” comment. One of the great things about this diet, besides the rapid fat loss, is the possibility to re-set the way you look at food in general, and hopefully come out the other end with a newfound taste for healthy foods. I’m sure you could still have decent results with one cheat meal a week, but you’d be assuring that the behavioral changes wouldn’t happen.

I also say breasts over wings…you can do it!

Where did you get chicken flavored oatmeal? That sounds good.

Well i forgot the comma in between the two, but if u like that flavor… chicken oatmeal… and a bunch of other people do to… I might just have to pitch that to Quaker Oaks, so i can sit the rest of my life on a beach somewhere surrounded by hotties. I’d be infamous. The guy who invented chicken oatmeal. Sweet. :wink: