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Velocity Diet Question


Hello all,

Tomorrow, I will be embarking on the V-Diet and was wondering a few things.

  1. Is it acceptable to use Flax Oil capsules instead of Flax oil or ground up flax seeds??? How many caps should I take w/ each shake???

  2. Will these flax caps and fish caps cause me to emit noxious gases??? Is it Ok to take both at the same time???

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Surge, is there something I can mix it with to make it taste better???

  4. I bought some sugar free Benefiber chewables and was wondering how many to take a day???

  5. I'm a Union Laborer and my job is often physically demanding. Should I alter my daily caloric intake based on the forumulas probided due to increased expenditure due to said work???

Any other tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Graci


1) Flax oil is actually better than the milled version. You're just getting 15 grams/day of protein less. And you're also not getting the fiber...so make sure to take your fiber tabs.

2) The protein will do this

3) If you don't like it well maybe just try having a gatorade during your workout and following your normal diet? I just used a whey isolate/dextrose mix with kool-aid when I did it.

4) Don't know. Try to get about 25 g fiber/day I'd guess.

5) I don't think so. You should be ok. Just keep up with the HOT-ROX.


Yes, but you may need to take a lot of them compared to using just oil. If you ditch the ground seeds, you're also losing the fiber, part of the reason milled flax is recommended. (You'll need to do a little math based on your needs.) Why not just do the diet as written?

You can take both. Gas? Probably not. You'll find out.

Read label on Surge. Buy all ingredients separately, then drink it. When you're done vomiting you'll realize that Surge tastes very good. Otherwise, get used to it. Most people love the taste. Regardless, it'll be a treat by the time the V-Diet is over.

As many as you need based on the recs written on the diet. Again, math.

You'll find out. Give it a week or two and see.

Sounds terse, I know, but my only tips are to do the diet as recommended. The rest you'll learn as you go based on your individual goals, needs, and reactions.


Also of not I've found no issue jumping right back to a around maintenance diet immedietly after finishing the V-Diet.


Responses to your responses:

  1. Reason for the caps is that I already had a bottle someone gave me. I'll go buy the milled flaxseeds.

What type of serving do I use to calculate my caloric breakdown of the flaxseed caps, milled flax seeds, and fish oil caps??? I have 1000mg flaxseed caps and 1000mg fish oil caps (1 cap of fish oil contains 180mg EPA/120mg DHA)

3)OK, I'll just chug the Surge. I was just wondering if any of the "flavors" your S/O used in her shakes would work.

4) I think it was written to get 20-25 g of fiber a day. Based on however much milled flaxseeds I'm going to take, I assume I'm supposed to subtract those grams from 20-25 and take the chewables to make up the difference???

I'm 5'6" 220 lbs and my math indicates that I need 1600 cals on non training days and 1900 cals on training days.

Based on 5 shakes & 220 grams of protein a day. I am going to consume my first shake w/ 3 scoops, then 4 more shakes w/ 2 scoops throughout the day.

I'm just having a hard time w/ the math of the shakes + flaxseeds + fishoil caps etc... I feel like a blockhead, even though I'm normally GOOD at math. Thanks for the help and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Good Idea

1 cap is 10 k/cals 10=100 etc..

Tis GOOD stuff by itself. maybe some splenda if you need but I agree with Chris it grows on you and the taste is Brilliant and I have NO idea how they acceived it after tasting Hydro.

Id say thats a MINIMUM, they more the merrier. It will keep you more satisfied in the meals as finer takes up space and keeps the pipes flowing.


Id spread it out to 6 or more shakes myself. That will keep you having more meals less time between to be Starving. Also it will keep a consistant level of intake to allow the metabolism to stay Up while hypocaloric. Mix then with PLENTY of water and drink a ton aside form the shakes.

I'm just having a hard time w/ the math of the shakes + flaxseeds + fishoil caps etc... I feel like a blockhead, even though I'm normally GOOD at math. Thanks for the help and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Well just add it up. 1 scoop Grow! = 110 k/cals

1 cap oil = 10 k/cals

flax meal = 60 k/cals per 2 table spoons.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for your suggestions Phill,

Day 1 is just about over and I can't believe how full I felt most of the day. I did have a few weird cravings and I pissed like a racehorse all day, but it wasn't too bad.

I still have to get the milled flax seeds, but that'll have to wait until after work on Tuesday. I also forgot my HOT-ROX at home and packed them in my cooler as soon as I got home.

Tomorrow is my first day at the gym, we'll see how that goes...


I guess I'm turning this into a semi blog to keep myself motivated. It's day 3 on the diet and I've already fallen off the wagon a little bit. Yesterday I couldn't sleep because I was STARVING, even though I drank my last shake 1/2 hour before bedtime. I ate about 12 oz of lean broiled top sirloin. Not TOO bad I suppose.

Today at work, probably due to dehydration, my breath was brutal and I ate a sugar free breath mint. All in all, this diet isn't that bad...except when I smell food cooking. I really have no problem w/ staying out of the kitchen as long as no one is making something I like...


Heh, I don't think the bad breath is due to dehydration... probably some ketosis if you are on low carbs and getting in some physical work on the job too.

Nothing to worry about.

Anyway, stick with it, it works. I'm sure next spring there will be tons of us doing this thing again.