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Velocity Diet Question

[quote] rizsa wrote:
Is what makes the V-Diet successful its simplicity? What if I did the leg work and consumed the required macronutrients in real food and MRPs? Shouldn’t it be just as effective? Just wondering out loud. [/quote]

I believe Chris Addressed this in his blog and it has been addressed in the first support group.

I think you need to consider several things.

You are dealing with very low calories and very low carbs. It’s ideal to keep your body fed so as to not lose any muscle. The whole perk around the diet is its ability to hack off fat in 4 weeks and leave you just as strong or, in many cases, stronger. Obviously, Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is the ideal solution to the fat issue, but we cannot overlook another key component: Micellar Casein. The Micellar Casein comes from Low-Carb Grow! and will keep your body supplied for many hours.

Also, if you are attempting to consume everything in “real food” you have the protein issue. I cross the line here but, consider what decent protein sources you can consider. Cottage cheese is starting to push the limit. For every 13g of protein you have to consume 6g of sugar. If you try to cover the recommended amount of protein in the diet (atleast 1g p/lb body weight) there is a good chance you will overshoot your carb limit. Furthermore, if you consider animal proteins you aren’t consuming the quality fats found in flax seed oil or even olive oil (i used Olive Oil occassionaly as a bit of a change) and there is a good chance that a significant portion of your fats will be saturated. It has been mentioned that saturated fats are good for bulking… but remember… we’re cutting… and cutting fast!

I’ll step even farther… I am not an expert but I am going to take a bit of what JB has mentioned about acidity and let my mind wander. I’d be willing to entertain the notion that animal proteins would probably have greater effect on acidity based on the amount of “work” it takes to break down an animal protein vs. the isolate/micellar casein mix. Acidity is not good for preserving muscle mass (JB’s Acids + Bases Article). Sure, you might be able to carry around a few boat loads of spinach, but we are really starting to defeat, what I believe to be, the purpose of the V-Diet: ease .

We also can’t overlook the effects the V-Diet has on habits. Its a 4 week opportunity to blast fat and hit reset on your cravings. If you are going the “real food” route you may miss this important step; this is key for the taper off.

I gave the V-Diet a shot. I know a girl who will be picking up the Velocity Vixen after finals. The diet works… and works fast. Give it a shot… if not for the goal do it for the challenge. You will learn a lot about yourself.

If V-Diet is a bit too much take a look at T-Dawg 2.0.