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Velocity Diet Query from the UK


hi guys, only just started researching the V-Diet after considering the UD2.0 diet. looking for quick fat loss in 3 weeks and this diet sounds great and has sown proven results.

on the protein front - how many scoops were you putting in each shake if you were having 5 a day?

also does anyone know an online company that do milled flax seed in the uk?

are there any other alternative proteins that provide a casein/whey mix like the Metabolic Drive? that only seems to come in a 908g tub and would like to get a bigger version.

would it be possible just to do this on a whey protein? how do you space out your salmon oil capsules over the day? i am currently 5'11'' 190lbs and about 15% BF so looking to drop down to around 10%. does this seem achievable in 3-4 weeks? also could this be started on any day of the week?

apologies for all the questions.

many thanks in advance.



2 scoops which give you roughly 40g protein

'Fraid not

No idea...

According to the diets creator, everyone who has attempted to do so has failed. Casein is important because of the slow release which helps to off-set the hunger. Anythings possible but everyones different and respond differently to the same exact program. You start whenever it fits your schedule but most start on Sunday or Monday for the sake of continuity.

No worries, hope it helps.


can you not get linwoods milled flax seed? i get that over here in ireland no problem it's sold in nearly all supermarkets.


The way I understand it, you take the total amount of protein you need to eat in a day and divide that by 20 to get the number of scoops per day, then you divide that by your five meals to get the number of scoops per meal. For example, at 140ish lbs, I need 160g protein, which is 8 scoops, then I do 3 2scoop meals, and 2 1scoop snacks.

if you can find flax seed, you can mill it yourself. thats all I do because its cheaper here to buy bulk flax.

You'd only need to lose about 10 lbs to get down to 10% according to my calculations, which seems doable on the diet. I think I've lost close to five in my first week. Of course you can start on any day.

hope this helps :slight_smile:


cheers for all the replies guys! very helpful.

i am starting out tomorrow and am hoping to follow it as strictly as possible for the next 3 weeks.

unfortunately i have only just ordered a 3kg tub of whey isolate(40%), casein(40%), flax seeds(10%) and BCAA's (10%) from myprotein.co.uk so i wil have to make do with just whey shakes for the first few days until that mix arrives. i know it will be a struggle but hopefully see it through.

the Biotest stuff is really expensive for what you get in the UK so i thoughh making a cusotm blend of the above would be better as the prices at myprotein are good and i will then have a shake with everything in one.

i will keep you updated eveyr couple of days.

cheers. giggsy07


just another query regarding the v diet guys:

how often should you weight yourself?

how long is it likely to see visible fat loss or weight loss?

has anyone experienced muscle GAIN from this diet? i know this is unlikely but i thought possible due to the amount of protein.

i am currently half way through first day and as i have been at work it has been okay but i know tonight will be difficult. my whey/casein blend is on order and should come on wednesday so will have to persevere with the whey only until then! hope i can stick to it and im looking forward to my weights session tonight.


a) weigh yourself once a week on the morning of your hsm. if you weigh yourself more than that the day to day fluctuations will kill you.
b) I saw visible fat loss within a few days...and noticeable changes within a week. Check other v-dieters logs. Some post weekly pictures.
c) Muscle gain is possible if your new and/or never had enough protein. (i think this is the category I fall under).

I am currently on day 8 and have to say, this diet is definitely worth it but it isn't easy. Good luck, but luck has nothing to do with it as any v-dieter will tell you.


Stay the course and keep reading the threads...they are very motivating



well first day out of the way and all seems to be fine. i did my first weights session lastnight and carried on with my usual full body routine. no loss of energy and got a decent pump with more vasculatiry than normal.

will do some medium intensity steady state cardio tonight probably on the corss trainer and see how that goes. prob about 30 mins but no more.

looking forward to my new protein blend coming tomorrow (40% whey isolate, 40% casein, 10% flax seed, 10% BCAA's) in chocolate smooth, mmmmmmm!

update again on thursday probably and let you all know how second weights session went.