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Velocity Diet Protein Choice

its said that no protein other than the 1 from Biotest works with this diet, what about making my own mix at trueprotein ?

can any 1 help me with the mix ?

If you walked in my house pissed on my floor, shit on my couch and rapped my dog Id kill ya then kick ya the hell out. Thats essentially what your doing here to Biotest/T-Nation. You do realize that sale of the products keeps this site free to us and pays for all the coaches etc. dont you??

Not to mentionfor the price and quality you really cant beat Metabolic Drive making your own mix


A comparable blend over a true protein will only save a few dollars, and I’m sure it doesnt taste nearly as good.

The Metabolic Drive is like 13 a pound, compared to 11 or so at trueprotein. I dont know if they charge shipping or not either.

If cash is a huge issue, buy 2 jugs of the Grow! protein and use 1 scoop of each in every shake, cuts the cost in half.

Or… fail at the diet.

Your choice.