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Velocity Diet / Power to the People


Two quick questions:

First, can someone point me to the article with the most recent (final?) version of the Velocity Diet?

Second, regarding exercise while on the V-Diet, how well would Pavel's Power to the People program work (the basic 2x5 deadlifts/overhead press, with maybe some pullups thrown in)? Lifting 5x a week seems like a lot - but with only two sets and cycling, the overall workload doesn't seem like that much each day. It seems like it could work well. What do you think?


The New V-Diet Test Drive, talked about Dan John's experience with the plan and gives some great tips. This article also has links to the original plan, at the bottom:

The Velocity Diet Lite, a modified program with only two shakes a day:

PTP is high frequency and low volume. So you're doing something every day, but no single workout is a total killer or a drain on your recovery. I know Chris Shugart has advised against any kind of "fat loss" program in addition to the Velocity Diet, and PTP certainly isn't a fat loss program.

It should be fine for maintaining or possibly adding strength, I'd just be concerned with muscle loss since you're not hitting that slightly-higher rep range. I'd wrap up one or two workouts with some fluffy "bodybuilder" stuff, but nothing too crazy. On Tuesday and Friday, pick whatever two bodyparts, one exercise each, and knock out 2-3x8-12, not to failure. That should do it.

The only other thing I'm not sure of is if we'd want Surge five times a week. I suppose the weight training would require it, but still... I suggest you check with Shugart about that.


Thanks for the response. I made a post for Shugart on another thread asking about the Surge. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks again.