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Velocity Diet Partner


im going to start the diet on sunday. would anyone be interested in doing it with me, sorta as an e-partner?


I saw ur post...I'd love to do it but am still confused as to how to plan it out. I'm 192lbs at the moment...

what sorta supps do I need? Let me know...It would be cool to do this spring break.


PM'd You :slight_smile:


Is your spring break 4 weeks long??

The V-Diet is not for the casual dieter. Make sure you have enough supplies on hand and prepare for a mind altering experience.

Good luck!


I'm on day 7 right now. You can find my post in the Building a Better Body forum under V-Diet Progress. Feel free to post you progress there as well.

For the guy that weighs 192; how can you not have figure it out yet. You weigh one pound less than Chris. Have you read the whole article? I'm happy to help but help yourself first.


ya i weigh around 220-225 at 6'2. my bf is prob around 14-16, hoping to get it down to 10 after the 4 weeks of the diet. im starting it sunday, so we will see.