Velocity Diet: Other Supplements?

Hello. I’m currently planning on going on the Velocity diet, now I’m sure the question has been posed many times, however I was curious if there was perhaps a less expensive brand of protein powder that will work as well for this diet.

The one reccomended is about 22 grams/dollar. or 31 servings for 28 dollars. I could afford this, however it’s a bit high. I was curious if anyone knew of any other protein powders that taste good, yet are a bit cheap, or is this the best I’m going to get if I want something that tastes half decent.

Also, my second question is regarding the fat burner. I was curious on whether I should/could use Leviathan over HOT-ROX? I’ve heard some good stuff about this product and would like to try it. Any thoughts.

Thirdly(and lastly) would it be worth it to incorporate Beta-7 into this diet, since Creatine offers to much sugar to be of use.

Well thanks in advance, and sorry if these questions have been answered many times.

Only use what is recommended in the diet or don’t do it. It can be expensive, I understand that but there are absolutely no guarantees using anything other than Biotest products.

[quote]craigtgold wrote:
Only use what is recommended in the diet or don’t do it. It can be expensive, I understand that but there are absolutely no guarantees using anything other than Biotest products.[/quote]



Well I figured the actual brand names were just advertisements, and also things have came along since then(2 years ago?) that may be more effective, I was just curious if anyone knew enough about the diet to point me in the right direction! Welp, thanks in advance.

Doing the diet with shitty tasting protein powder would drive anyone insane for this diet. Just think you are drinking 5+ shakes a day and thats it. If it tastes like shit you only have to drive another 200 more of them over the course of the diet. Buy the good stuff and thank us all later.

Metabolic Drive is a good blend of quickly absorbed and long lasting proteins making it ideal for someone who is going to be living off the shakes for a month. To make it a tad cheaper you could use a 1:1 with Grow! Whey and Metabolic Drive and test that out, but you might not feel as satisfied off of that blend.

The Grow! Whey is actually one of the cheaper proteins on the market right now since the other ones have shot up in price.

“… since Creatine offers to much sugar to be of use.”

That right there tells me you need to really research supplements more.

And I wouldn’t attempt it without Metabolic Drive, at least. I’ve yet to find anything that tastes as good, and since you’ll be living off of it, you’re going to want something that’s damn good.

You’ll also have no grocery bills, so it’s really not that expensive (especially if you’re already wasting money on sugar creatine).

One option is ON Casien and Whey Mix

1 scoop ON Casien provides 24 gms of combination Miceller Casien/Calcium Caseinate which is ~$40/4lb jug (58 servings). 34.8 gmP/dollar

1 scoop ON Whey provides 24 gms of combination concentrate and isolate whey which is $33/5lb jug (77 servings). 56 gms/dollar

I usually combine 1 scoop whey with 1/2 scoop casien during the day which is $0.78 per shake, with 180 cal and 36 gms protien. Probably could use this for half your shakes atleast. ON stands for Optimum Nutrition if that helps. You can get it on almost any other supplement site.

Unless I have this wrong, the creatines(or the ones I buy generally) have alot of sugar and are used post workout, where it does not have the negative effect because your using it for the insulin spike, however it would seem using that and Surge would be a little bit redundant is what I was saying, so I was just going to stick to Surge.

Also, how’s the taste on the ON Whey? I’m thinking of just going with the reccomended shakes because I agree that it will be even harder if the protein powder tastes like shit.

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it!

Some creatine does come in a mix that is filled with sugar because it supposedly helps uptake. The creatine sold on this site, as well as 90% of other creatines I’d say is just regular ol’ creatine by itself.

ON tastes good, but isn’t as good as Metabolic Drive; and does not mix as easily.

I tried doing it with Muscle Milk and ON just to compare and dropped both.

The shakes weren’t as thick as Metabolic Drive and I became hungrier much faster – even when I later lessened the amount of water to make the shakes thicker.

Has anyone ever successfully piloted the V-Diet with any other protein mix?

The last time I heard anyone trying this without Low-Carb Metabolic Drive was the original Fat Fast, and the dude said it was sheer hell and folded before he could finish. I’ve heard other guys mix half-and-half with a cheapass protein, and yep, fail two weeks in.

On the other hand we have dozens of success stories from this site alone on the merits of following the V-Diet as written, with Biotest supplements.

Yes, it’s corporate shilling. Yes, we’re all whores to Biotest products. But that is only because after wasting literally millions of dollars on bunk shit, we have found the real deal.

(Side note: Every single week of my life someone sees me drinking Surge or Metabolic Drive or WATER and says “is that creatine?” I’d like to publicly hang the persons responsible for turning a tasteless white powder into a God-Damned Fiasco.)