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Velocity Diet On Cycle


I have been looking for a diet to use on cycle to avoid bloat as much as possible ... would the velocity diet suffice? If it was ok off cycle what should be added to it if anything to make it suitable on cycle?

                Thanks for any input

The cycle consists of Test Enthate and Dianabol {7 weeks testE at 500mg a week and dbol 20 mg a day for 5 weeks} the last two weeks will be test only.

I have also Tamoxifen citrate 20mg ,proviron 25mg <20 tabs> and clomid enough for 100mg a day for almost a month but I hope to not need all of it .

I will start out with 100mg clomid a day for 1stand 2nd week pct on the 8th week and 9th week and 50 a day for the 10th week. I also have Primoboland 100mg amps x5 or hold it untill 3 months later after PCT is done and stack with something but thats later.

Clenbuterol 50mg x20 tabs
Salbutol 100 tabs @ 2mg


Is this a cutting cycle, or a bulking/strength-building cycle?

If the former, the Velocity Diet or a similar high-protein low-carb diet would be a good choice.

If the latter, which your choice of steroids would suggest, the Velocity Diet would be a terrible choice as you won't be getting enough carbs and total calories to grow.

Clarify your goals and we can better advise.


I will do 2 weeks of velocity diet within 10 days, on 20mg of halo ed


I want to gain as much quality mass as posible but not bloat as much as possible... I am leaning towards some good lean cuts of meat everyday with eggs< whites> .. and supliment with protien shakes and keep veggie intake high .... and eat only clean carbs such as oatmeal. Stay with pre durring and post work out protocol.

Carb up before and Ephedrine HCL 50mg then right after working out with BCAA added and 30 grams of protien in a shake before and after .... Use a nice crushed Ice shake durring work out 40 grams whey.

I Turned 40 in Aug  and I have been mapping out a diet thats about 3200 - 3800 cals a day.

I will get about 270 - 300 grams of protien a day

No carbs except just before work out Oatmeal and some just after < I find a quart skim milk gives me a good pick up after I have a very hard work out >

I will be doing Squats and deads each twice a week and Total body daily but hitting at different angles. 7 excersises a day with One day Just ARMS.... My torso is great Just arms are not where I want them to be. I do however want to gain about 20 pounds of quality mass... and yes retain as much as possible . I also have enough Anodrol 50 for a 50 mg a day 3 week cycle but I may hold it for later