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Velocity Diet: No Energy

I have a question regarding the Velocity Diet. I’ve been on the V-Diet since Monday and its been extremely difficulty thus far. I have no energy and I’m getting dizzy if I stand up to quickly. Should I stop the diet or somehow ease into the V-Diet?

Anyone else having similar issues?

Are you doing the diet exactly as it is outlined? With the correct Biotest products?

Uh… Monday was two days ago. I would give your body at least a week to get used to this.

And ditto what Brant said.

I’m waiting for HOT-ROX to arrive. I think should arrive by Friday. But other than that, everything is the same.

Don’t quit yet, this diet is not easy and you will start looking for reasons to quit because its tough. The only option is don’t quit, see it through and you will be impressed! I think you may be going through carb withdrawls and it will get better with time.

Is this your first low carb diet?
Are you sure your taking in enough protein and fat?
Are you using HOT-ROX & Metabolic Drive?

What did your diet look like before this. If was crap then this is going to make you feel really shitty at first.

[quote]whoisdisjosh wrote:
I’m waiting for HOT-ROX to arrive. I think should arrive by Friday. But other than that, everything is the same.[/quote]

Why wouldn’t you just wait for the HOT-ROX? That supplement is an enormous part of this diet, as it keeps you awake, acute mentally, and aids in an overall “wellness” feeling.


Agree with Dizzle, I just started myself and I received HOT-ROX on the tail end of my second day (Today). It makes a Big difference in the energy department. I would say use some caffeine to get through until Friday…

Haha the times I miss the HOT-ROX second dose, I feel like dying soon after that. With HOT-ROX I have more energy than normal.

I just came back from the gym playing basketball, and for some odd reason I feel energized. I was getting all dizzy around noon but after my third shake around 2:30, I felt great.

I’m taking enough calories/protein/fat. I weigh in at 240 lbs so I take in just under 1800 calories with 240 grams of protein. That’s about right for my weight… right?

One more question… As I lose weight, do I drop the calories/protein intake accordingly?

I can’t wait for HOT-ROX to arrive…

Thermos are the only reason I still function on low cal/carb diets. Forget about getting out of bed without them. I keep them right next to my bed (along w/ BCAA) so I can take them immediately upon waking in the AM.