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Velocity Diet Info For A Newb?


I just finished reading some articles about the Velocity Diet and it looks like something I'd really like to try. The only person that I've spoken to that has actually tried it has had mixed feelings. He said that it is working but that it's insanely uncomfortable. However, that doesn't bother me. I'm sure I can handle this.

I'm a 20 year old female with about 24%-25% body fat. If I can drop 20 pounds or so, I'd swear by this diet.

I guess my questions are this:
What suppliments, as a female, do I need to obtain before starting the diet? Should I do it any differently then either Chris (or his wife) did it? Can I buy these suppliments at GNC or do I have to get them off the website? I know I'd have to get HOT-ROX and I heard that I really should use Surge (I weightlift 3 times a week) but I think I'm missing some things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.


It would probably be better to shoot for a reduction in bodyfat percentage rather than a certain number of pounds lost.


Well I dont want to discourage you, you sound like you have alot of willpower.

I would suggest cleaning up your diet instead, you said you were a newb so this in itself would give you great results.


If you are planning to use the velocity diet you may want to also start planning for what you diet will be like once you finish the velocity component.

I have heard and seen that the V diet can have great results if you are prepared to put the effort in, but I think that it can also have the potential for a wieght gain rebound once completed if you diet post V is not properly structured.

I know this does not answer the questions that you asked but it may be something that you want to keep in mind.


I'm on my second day on the V-Diet. I'm not finding it that hard so far but if you don't buy Metabolic Drive make sure you get a protein blend that includes whey, casein and egg proteins. If not your hunger might not be tolerable.

I myself am using no Biotest products, that's because the shipping fees across the border are insane.

I have an EC stack, protein blend, flax seeds and Udo's Oil.

Good Luck


I'm on Adderral and have am on my 5th day of the diet I've never felt hungry :)... lolz I actaully can not eat for days and feel no hunger. Only cravings.



The V-Diet starter kit looks like this:

  • 10 - 12 tubs of Metabolic Drive protein (2 per flavor worked for me). You may want to buy a little extra for the post-diet transition in which more shakes will be consumed. You don't want to be caught off guard.

  • 2 tubs of Surge (You'll need 12 servings at 3 days a week, and only 10 come in a tub, plus you can use the rest in the transition)

  • A generous portion of flax seeds, or a 32oz bag of preground flax meal

  • A Large container of Fish Oil Capsules

  • HOT-ROX - 1 to 2 bottles depending ont he dose you take

  • Multi Vitamin

Perhaps Biotest could prepare something like this in a one-click-order-all fasion? The Surge, Protein, HOT-ROX ready to order would be cool. And maybe when they come out with their oil blend they could put that in.


I agree with this. if you're using the diet as a quick fix then chances are you won't keep the weight off. Your diet WILL HAVE to change if you want to stay lean. I recommend trying the T DAWG diet instead.


Oh yeah, I probably should've clarified. I'm looking too drop my bodyfat more then anything. 20 pounds of fat getting dropped is my dream but I'll take anything. I'm just trying to see what I need to get started.


Wow...thank you everyone for your replies. This is really helping me out. I suppose I'll have to plan out my post-Velocity Diet plan as some of you have stated. That sounds like a good idea.

And, when I said newb, I meant newb to, basically, the V-Diet and T-Nation in general. I've been eating fairly clean for a couple of years now but there are some stubborn pounds that refuse to come off.

Either way, all of this is very helpful so thank you all. If anyone has anything else to say, I'd love to hear it.


The 2 weeks after the V-Diet should basically be the V-Diet with a solid meal a day for 2 or 3 days. Then 2 or 3 solid meals for the next week. By day 14 or so you should be having maybe only 1 or 2 shakes a day.

"Diets" to eventually transition to: All of the following can be found with the search function

-Temporal Nutrition - Lonnie Lowery

-Don't Diet - John Berardi

-T-Dawg 2.0 - Shugs and TC

Any of those would probably be a great permanent lifestyle after you finish the transition.


I am on week two now of the V-Diet. One thing I appreciate about it is the total change from a "normal diet". I find that it helps me avoid slipping, and I also have to say that it is quite effective if your original metabolism is not too slow. I have lost 3 kg in that first week.

You will hate shakes, however;-)

Do you work in radars, given your tag?


TQB, your buying the wrong protein dude, the stuff i have tastes great!


Five time a day???


Wow...you're one of the first people I've met who has actually figured out the tag for what it really was. Nice. Actually, I don't work with them yet. I'd love to, though. As of right now, it's just a hobby.

Another question, if I may. If I already have a tub of protein powder (It's about half-full so it won't get me far) can I use that instead of the Metabolic Drive for the beginning of the diet? The first 3 ingredients are whey isolate, micellar casein, and egg albumen. I figure I can always get the LCG to use when I'm done but will this do until I finish it?

Once again, everyone is being so helpful. Thank you all very much.


Go ahead, use the protein you have. It will be finished in no tme, anyway



I just realized a couple of other questions that I have.

1) If I workout in the afternoon around 5, instead of in the morning as the original plan outlined, would I have to change anything regarding the diet aspect of this?

2) On the V-Diet, can I drink drinks that have 0 calories throughout the day like diet soda, diet snapple, and coffee? Or will that sabotage the diet, inadvertaintly?

Sorry for all the questions but thanks for all the answers.


I do not have access to Surge here, but I would pace that to the exercises and otherwise just do the "five drinks, evenly spread, routine".

As for coffee, it's actually going to help you lose weight. I am on four mugs a day (real coffee, not American). Just cut out milk and sugar, or at least use a sugar substitute. It is very important to remember that it is a diuretic and you will have to drink a lot of cold water to compensate. That is water, not soda, not juices.

I would stay away from all sodas and juices while on the diet. Chris Shugart did find some lo/no cal drink (Minute Maid Light?) that did not impose too much...


The only real ways to sabatage the diet is to eat a huge solid meal, eat too many carbs during you solid meal or drink in excess of what your caloric needs are. I think the diet is so low in cals you could actually afford another 100-300 calories per day and still lose a signifigant amount of weight.

Diet drinks and Tea are perfectly acceptable to add on to your plan. Coffee and Tea may infact help with the metabolic boost they provide, and the energy the caffeine gives.


That's good to know...especially about the coffee since I'm madly in love with the stuff.

Also, about the fist oil capsules? Do or did you guys really take 21 capsules a day on non-training days? Just because it seems excessive to me but maybe I'm wrong.