Velocity Diet Here I Come

I just ordered my Velocity kit, and I am excited to do this! What exactly do I need to post here?

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Good to have you here! Some suggestions for what to post:

Before/After Records

  • Photos (if you’re comfortable doing so)
  • Weight
  • Circumference measurements:
    Arms, left and right, flexed
    Chest, high, relaxed
    Waist 1-inch above navel
    Waist at navel
    Waist 1-inch below navel
    Thighs, left and right

Daily Updates

  • Daily diet observations
  • Daily activities
  • Questions for us

Daily Rating Scale

  • Stress Level: 1-10
  • Hunger Control: 1-10
  • Mood: 1-10
  • Progress: 1-10
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It really helps to post at least daily here, too. I’m on Day Two and I’ve already received a lot of support here and through emails. Few people will understand what you are talking about when you discuss this 28 day adventure.


I am taking measurements on Sunday morning - my stuff arrives here Sunday and I’m good to start. I typically do cardio everyday and strength training 3 times per week (whole body). Is that sufficient? Also can I eat vegetables at all during the day if super hungry? Celery or cucumbers? Just wondering. I’m excited!

Replace the cardio with the daily fast walks. Remember, intense cardio temporarily reduces appetite but then it ramps hunger up hard later in the day. In fact, the walks-only approach may decrease your desire to snack. That said, nothing wrong with celery or cucumbers if they help you get over a hump.

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