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Velocity Diet Help

A little help Chris Shugart or anyone else. Alright guys I have some photos coming on April 8th. No I am not a bodybuilder, I am an actor and I am getting pix for a comp card.So definition and leaness are the name of the game. Luckily genetics gave me more of a athletic body and not a sissified GQ model body.

Alright, I have been following the Velocity Diet for the past week and half and I plan on I continuing the diet up until my photos. So that will be 5 weeks of velocity diet and I was wondering how I should transition into the photos. Since I am on such a low carb diet I thought the the usual carb loading and unloading rules would not apply. Should I cut out the flax milled grains the last week and load on carbs the last couple of days? Should I start posing now? I have been walking 30-45min every morning(of course training 3xweek), do I up cardio the last few weeks? I am not sure about my exact BF% but my abs are well defined. I would guess 7-8%. But these photos are very important and I want to be well prepared. I do appreciate any and all help guys. Thanks