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Velocity Diet GAINS

I have been experimenting with this diet, and I am here to say it has worked wonders for me. I finally made progress, gained 5lbs of muscle in 5 weeks, lowered body fat %1.5. (No AAS, not yet.) The trick for me was to follow the two week diet to the T, but I lifted light, high reps (SUCKS), and did cardio (anything will do), and then followed up by a bulking cycle, massive eating, and super heavy, super intense training (no cardio). What I predict will happen, and so far it has, is 2 steps forward and one step back, continious progress. What I mean by that is that ultimately my goal is to bulk up 10lbs, in a 3 week period, followed with a cutting period of 2 weeks (Velocity diet) wich makes me more lean but at same time more muscular, every time I do this 5 week interval, so far so good, I am up in wieght and down in body fat, I am very excided, I have never been this cut before, I will post more in the future on my progress.

You know that the body does not change instantly between losing and gaining right?

To be truly effective in the losing and bulking cycles, you need to make each longer than two weeks. Two weeks is probably the minimum for your body to completely adjust. In other words, you’re losing momentum.

I’m no expert on this matter, just going off things I’ve discussed with my doctor.