Velocity Diet from UK

ok here goes, final chance at posting progress of my Velocity Diet without it disappearing!

started last monday 11th feb 2008 and had nothing but whey shakes for through until friday where i have invested in a whey/casein/flax/BCAA mix. had more than the suggested one meal over this weekend as still feel a lot leaner than when started and now i have my whey/casein mix i feel i will be able to commit more to just the shakes.

since starting at 190 pounds with 16% bodyfat i have dropped about 6 pounds and look a lot leaner and bodyfat has definitely dropped. noticeable definition to arms, upper abs and chest.

hoping to continue for another 2.5 weeks before i travel to new york for a week to see my girlfriend who has been away since beginning of jan.

doing 3 x full body weights and 3 steady state cardio sessions per week on alternate days.

no lack of energy notcied even with just taking the whey shakes and very rarely hungry which is a good sign. going to be stricter for the next 2 week and hoping to drop down to around 10% bodyfat or lower. this is going to be difficult but i am dedicated to the training and diet and hopefully will be able to pull it off. will post photos tomorrow.

all advice and encouragement welcome.