Velocity Diet: "Family Man Edition" Review and Notes So Far

Stepped on the scale and 182.6 again. Weight has stabilized. Let’s take that under the context that I was able to take on a 5lb cheeseburger in an eating challenge last week. Then, for those that have been following my training log, you know I’ve made a pivotal change in my non-Metabolic Drive nutrition in that I am pretty much more carnivore for all my solid meals AND I am eating until I am satiated for the first time in a LONG time. I am no longer consumed by hunger during all my waking hours, but actually feeling satisfied after meals.

Yesterday’s dinner was egg whites and some awesome grassfed beef polish sausages

And I actually had some grassfed steak alongside that too. And other meals are just gigantic piles of meat and eggs.

I LOVE eating this way, and I would not have “discovered” it without the Velocity Diet. It freed me from a lot of restrictions I had placed upon myself and allowed me start experimenting and discovering what worked for me. Basically, it cleaned my nutritional slate, had me start over from ground zero and be able to build from there. It’s so funny too: I was always so hesitant to take it on because it seemed so “extreme”, but how I was eating BEFORE was extreme: and extremely broken. SO much fake food trying to fill in gaps. I’ve donated so much stuff that was in my pantry clogging up my house and now eat pretty much natural foods and Metabolic Drive and I’m loving it.

Also, switching to egg whites in my MD oatmeal has been an AMAZING swap. It’s SO yummy.


What a write-up! Thanks for sharing! I don’t post much, but always enjoy your intensity and attention to detail. I need this type of lifestyle, relationship with food currently, thanks for pointing it out to me!


Hey thanks so much man! That really means a lot. I’m happy to hear it was beneficial to you. I cannot speak positively enough about this experience. It’s been HUGE for me.

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I was referring to your v-diet write up. I didn’t realize you share so much on your log. I’m kind of an old internet cave man even though I’ve been following t nation since early days and I’m only 43. Do you mind if I ask you questions occasionally? Is there a way to follow your log?

Oh yeah, I figured you meant this write-up. Always happy to chat dude! You can find my log here

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As of today, I officially hit 20lbs lost since the start. This week I transitioned back toward the original layout I listed in the post. My current protocol moving forward is 1-2 weeks of a “high compliance” Velocity Diet Family Man approach, followed by 4 weeks where there’s more food and calories are higher. During the 1-2 high compliance weeks, the dietary fat from solid foods tends to be on the low side, while it’s higher on the 4 week stretches.

Still keeping it carnivore when I DO eat food. That really seems to be going a long way in keeping hunger signals in check and nutritional decisions sound. And, again, I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with such approach were it not for Superfood, Flameout and a few other choice supplements ensuring my nutritional gaps are covered.

My midsection looks like an anatomy chart, my athletic performance is at an all time high, my body doesn’t ache, I have energy, I’m eating until I’m satisfied when I do eat, and I’m just genuinely happy. This has been a fantastic experience.


I learn a lot from you man. Thanks for continuing to share here even though your “formal phase” has passed

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You and I are the iron that sharpens iron my dude. I learn from you as well, and so happy to share.

At this point, I’m not going to hide the bragging that comes with how awesome this experience can be. Check out my “Johnny Cage” accidental cosplay this morning


Who wore it better?

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Praise from Caesar - I genuinely appreciate it!

I also really like your appropriate lack of fake humility. For some reason we tend to downplay things we’re good at, and I like that you’re putting it out there.

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Thanks for that man! I’ve said it in a few places, but the world will do a good enough job of beating you down on it’s own: you don’t need to help it. I’m a big believer in overcompensating in order to get to at LEAST a neutral place in that regard. I’ve had enough people try to minimize my achievements that I’m going to proudly fly the flag when I get my Ws.


Your rear delts are insane popping out like that.

That’s on brand though. Everything you do has a slight tinge of insanity to it (that’s a compliment).


Definitely took it as a compliment, haha. Thanks man! It’s big props from a big man like yourself.

So holy cow

The outcome of my “high compliance” week.

But keep in mind, this was “round 1” of my Saturday lunch

And this was lunch on Sunday

And there were no survivors

I woke up this morning just absolutely ridiculously stupidly lean, and got in a crazy workout. I was able to enjoy myself and enjoy my family this weekend, come back on Monday, drink some shakes and eat some steaks (legit: dinner was a 6oz grassfed sirloin and 8oz grainfed flat iron steak with some egg whites) and stay lean, jacked, strong, and HAPPY. I love eating and living this way. There’s no going back.

And speaking of no going back: egg white “oatmeal” is the way when it comes to mixing Metabolic Drive. The riced cauliflower was a good gateway, but I really enjoy mixing the Metabolic Drive with the egg whites. It’s more savory, which I dig.


Hah! Just absolutely ridiculous.

Especially since I had hot dogs for dinner, of all things


What are the “buns”? Egg whites?

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Technically yes, haha.

I could make my own if I were so inclined, but these are convenient and not terrible from an ingredient standpoint.

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It just keeps getting insane

That is the lightest I have been in 20 years

While eating stuff like this for dinner

And training like this in the mornings

I have never been in a better place


Just gonna spam the physique and training update to go with the bodyweight. It’s amazing how my body is just settling in.

I realized this morning that the Velocity Diet has built in me a practice of fasting. It’s a protein sparing modified fast, so I’m keeping/building muscle, but I don’t have any “meals” until lunch on my work days, and I feel like that’s actually been a pretty crucial part of this process. I keep unpacking more and more valuable lessons learned from this whole experience, and cannot be thankful enough for having been given the tools for this.


Impressive physique but I even enjoy seeing the process much more.

I was just remembering this was kind of what I settled into in my most productive seasons - morning training fueled by protein shakes and often intraworkout (and obviously all the preworkout that may actually have been cocaine back in the day), then I was always Foreman grilled chicken breast with boil-in-bag rice for lunch, then some “freedom” at dinner but usually no carbs because it was after 6pm and that was the witching hour.

Been kind of cool to watch the 90s make it’s way back here, albeit with a little more intent.

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