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Velocity Diet and Headaches?

So I’m almost done with day two of this thing and have been experiencing a constant, low grade head ache since about 12 hours in. Additionally I’ve been feeling like my eyes are sucking into my head and I’ve been dizzy as well has having a bitch of a time trying to concentrate. Are these things common on the diet?

Yeah… im about 16 days in & feel similar. i think its the low carbs. i almost fell over before opening up a low cupboard, lol.

Are you guys using cheap substitute supps by any chance? While it can’t be denied that Shugart wants people to buy Biotest stuff(duh) I do believe that when you’re practically living on MRP’s the highest possible quality will make a profound difference.

I’m not on Biotest, it was a spontaneous decision & i couldnt get in Aus. Im using this:


All Biotest stuff, my last order was $350 :slight_smile:

BTW mog, day 3 was the hardest for me - gets easier from there on in…

I have never got headaches, but I do get light headed from standing up to fast when I have done the Vdiet. I’m on day 5 my second time through.

I have never done the V-diet (plan on next year) but whenever I go lower than 50g of carbs per day I get horryble headaches that last from 1 to 3 weeks. It is a withdrawal symptom from the carbs.

Just ride it out and you will be OK.

The best way to combat headaches on low carb is to eat more often. Seriously. Drop the shakes to one scoop and have ten of them, about every hour or so. (If you can that is). It works. After day 5 or so you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

I did a variatian if the V-diet last year and had the head-aches. No amount of over the counter pain relievers helped. I did some googling around and found that , in short, a lack of sugar gives you head-aches. As soon as I read that I had a glass of milk and i almost immediately felt some relief.

Thanks guys! With as much as I love food this diet may be one of the hardest things I’ll do and I really appreciate the support!