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Velocity Diet and Alpha Male


Would it be a useful addition to the Velocity Diet if I were to use Alpha Male?

I've got to place an order for some Low-Carb Grow! so I was wondering what else would be useful other than HotRox. I was thinking of using Spike because my days are really long because of class and it would be useful for mental focus and energy. Any thoughts?


Although I'd love for you to spend more money on supplements made by the company who pays me, honestly, the supps I suggested for the V-Diet are really all you need.

I love Alpha Male, potent stuff, but save it until after the diet. Right now, spend your dough on the essentials for the diet: Low-Carb Grow!, Surge, fish oil and flax, and HOT-ROX.

As for Spike, some people don't tolerate it that well along with HOT-ROX, which already has some mood elevating properties of its own. So, I'd say to save that too for another time.