Velocity Diet 2 by Chris



Velocity Diet Round 2 by Chris
Completed the diet about two months ago. During the holidays(10 days off work) I have managed to revert to my old ways. Gained back eight pounds, mainly over the holidays. Was hoping to reverse the trend in January, but its not looking good.
Placed a order for more M.D., Superfood and Surge. The flameout did not agree with me so I will use one tsp. of fish oil in the morning, I tsp. olive oil in the afternoon, and 1 tsp chia seeds with my 4:30 pm shake. Will have another tsp of olive oil with my dinner of salad, zone pasta, rost beef & gravy. With my shakes this will give me 212 grams of protein today. Will up my shakes tomorow to 75 grams which should up my protein to 256 grams a day. Working out with weights for the diet 3 times a week and will cut back my cycling substituting walking. Now the truth.
Thighs 25.5 inches L&R
Waist 48.5 below navel
47 one inch above
chest 48 inches
Arms left 17 right 16.5
Starting weight 278 lbs.

Day one is in the books. Stuck to the diet and did my strength routine and a 20 min walk. Need to build that back up to 30 minutes again. Definitely hungry this morning and had my first shake at 8:30. More shakes at 12:30, 4:30, and my HSM will be my normal salad plus zone pasta with one cup of chili. Pudding at night and all my M.D. is at 75 grams or 2.5 scoops.
yesterday my stress was 6, hunger control 10, mood 8, progress 10
Walked for 20 min today with lower body stretching for about 20 min.


Day 2 and I felt like I had brain fog most of the day. Slight headache in the am but that disappeared with activity. My sleep has been ok, first day I woke up early and last night was difficult to fall asleep. Still feel ok today and looking forward to training later this morning. Debating on having Surge in lieu of a shake afterward. Thinking I might have 1/2 serving of surge before and during my workout and 1/2 MD serving afterward.
Best of both worlds?
Stress 3, Hunger Control 7, Mood 9, Progress 10
Dinner is pretty much the same as yesterday, except I will make a tuna salad with Greek yogurt and two hard boiled eggs with the pasta.

Day 3 in the books. Definitely hungry but its manageable. Slept better last night. Stuck to the diet. 3 shakes and pudding, HSM today is salad and chili mac with the zone pasta. Stress 3, Hunger Control 6, Mood 9, Progress 10

271 lbs. this morning. Thats a good start and hopefully I can get under 260 in the next three weeks. Rode for 30 minutes on the indoor trainer in zone 2 yesterday and walked for 20 min. Looking forward to training today and I will walk for 30 min. Stuck to the diet yesterday and today my HSM will be tuna salad, zone pasta, two hard boiled eggs, and my salad.
Stress 8(work related), Hunger control 8, mood 7, progress 10+
Sleep is still off a little bit.

Blew the diet over the weekend. Not too bad but I had alcohol and carbs with a second meal on Sunday. Start new today. Hope the M.D. is in stock Friday or I will run out by next weekend. Will order some zone protein shakes. They have carbs but one a day should not hurt. Also thinking of having one carnivore diet meal instead of my protein shake.
Stress 7, Hunger Control 5, mood 6, progress -2. Back to my normal meal of salad, zone pasta, Bolognese sauce with beef.