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Veliko-Powerbuilding+Balanced Diet

Hello,my name is Veliko from Bulgaria and Im 21years old.Ive trained regularly about 6 years since today.During this period I did some transformations with my body.When I started i was fat and weak,but because of proper nutrition plans and training i changed my body dramaticly.

My best lifts at about 92-3kg bodyweight are:
Bench press 1x155kg
Deadlift 1x270kg
Front Squat ATG-1x165kg
Bach Squat ATG 1x185kg
Push Press 1x110kg
Strict Shoulder Press 3x95kg

Pushing Excercises-Strenght
1)Bench press 5@60kg,5@80kg,3@120kg,1@155kg,1@140kg,3@100kg
2)Front Squat(ATG-olympic style) 5@80,5@100,3@140,1@165kg,1@165kg
3)Push press 1@50,1@80,1@90,1@110kg
4)2 speed sets shoulder presses 20кг dumbell in 15sec for max speed
5)Dips for triceps 5 @ME ,5@ME+25kg,5@ME+40kg
6)Back Squat 120kg 7 x 1 attempts Ass to the ground for technique
-2 x Plank about 2min
-20min Cross in the park