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Vein Issues?


so i have these veins on my left calve that are like a littler darker than usual and idk, they just dont look "right" if you know what i mean. anyway is there any type of problem they could be aformed from? or is it just a stupid aesthetic issue ill have to deal with?


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Hard to tell without seeing a picture of it. I would have it checked out by a medical professional.


varicose veins? Like the ones the old women get? Lol I hope not man.


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if i amputate will i be saved?


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Stimulate, don't amputate.


Could be poor circulation, but since you exercise I doubt it.
Also are you overweight (FAT)?, do you smoke or drink a lot? do you have a job where you are standing still all day?

See a doc dude.


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at my job i stand the whole time. i walk everywhere i go too. im not overweight and i dont smoke or drink.

i took a couple pics but they came out so bad its not worth posting. they just look bluer than other veins...idk


Yeah dude, you don't need your calves, they are kind of like the appendix.


It's most likely nothing to worry about.

Varicose veins are caused by defective valves within the vessel which results in swelling (you'd know if you had this). Spider veins are similar, but are much less pronounced and are finer in appearance.

Both can be caused by prolonged standing. Find a few pics and see if they look similar.

That being said...how long have you had them? It is entirely possible (and, at your age and with your activity level, likely) to just have a few veins that are darker than the rest. I have a couple small ones just below the ankle on one of my feet.


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must just be hypochondria cuz i checked a site that had picz and they were all mad gross my shit is just a little darker than other places, its prob only noticeable to me.



So whats the cure for hypochondra?