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Vein Inflammation from Foam Roller?


unfortunately I belong to the 15% people that are genetically gifted with varicose veins.
Some months ago I bought a foam roller for tissue work and used it frequently since then. Fine tool!
On monday I had to go to the doc because a varix on the inside of my right leg is inflammated.
Now I inject anti thrombosis med and wear a surgical hose. Very sexy!
I'm thinking about the reason of the inflammation. Maybe its a coincidence, maybe it is because of the massages I receive since two weeks because of an adductor tear from November 2008.
Is it possible that the use of a foam roller aggravates a varix as much that it may inflame? Any experiences?

Thanks in advance for help.



There is one school of thought that advocates only rolling towards the heart to help minimise the risk of creating varicose veins. I always ask people if they have a history of varicose veins in the family and if they do give them this advice just to be safe. If not i don't. Don't toll on the inflamed vein though.

It may have been caused from the roll or it may just be a coincidence. In theory it makes sense but in 9 years of using rollers with people I have never encountered it. But that is just my experience.


thanks for now. It gives me hope. I would miss foam rolling otherwise.