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Vegita IN


Hi Guys, just popping in to say hi.

Hows everyone doing, I don't have time to read every thread for the past... oh however many months but if someone can summarize for me... \Finally quit the cigs. 36 days out, no cravings, all is good.




Congrats on quitting! How long have you been smoking?


Mkay.....Vegita's back in ak-shun.

the Tiger's got his back.

Canada will fall.

this it turning out to be a good day after all~


Nothing changed, just more bitching and moaning.

Welcome back.


There's a new vampire here.

And people hate him which makes me the cool one.

And. White women everywhere




Welcome back.


in before this thread turns amazing?


You heard SS mention "ZERCHERS" so you had to come a-runnin....


And the countdown begins.


Guys, stop. This is exactly why Marzouk had to leave.


A life for a life...


This has been going on a lot here apparently.^ Not that I've noticed, in fact if people didn't make threads about leaving I wouldn't know people were leaving.

Why did you disappear?

If you do have cravings, I recommend raspberry drops.<--These along with popcorn helped the first year.

Also what is your opinion of deviled eggs?


How'd ya quit the butts? They are fucking evil.

In other news, I did zerchers today. They hurted.


Thanks Boss,

13 years too long on the smoking. I won't be staying long, just came in to say Whatsup! and post something over in PWI.



This has always gone on and I am not even up on the current inside joke. In fact it is basic internetology 101. Trolling. SS is one of the best, so I am sure many are relishing in his lulz.

I left because I had gotten what I needed from this place, it has served me quite well I might add. Also, IRL things changed a bit and so I had to adapt to that and make some changes to how I do things. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not really jonesing, just had to drop a message. I'll probably hang for a day or two and then peace back out.



Better now than later, Veg.

Wish you'd stay for a bit, but I understand.


Turned a negative into a positive. Had one of "those" nights drinking and decided I could make something good out of it and blamed the whole night on smoking. It was just a little bit of mental gymnastics, I just stopped and haven't looked back since.

I tell ya though, if I ever find out I'm terminally ill, or I turn 70, I'm lighting those fuckers right back up... If I can afford them lol.



Hey, I did 'em yesterday. See training log for video for something that looks like a giraffe in shorts.

Congrats on quitting. I quit almost 5 years ago after smoking over 20. I found drinking more helped.


I used to work with a girl who found smoking more pot helped her quit smoking.


Couldn't quit the japanese cartoons though?