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Vegie Newbie Oldie

I’m 46 6’5" and an overweight ova-lacto vegetarian. I’ve been working hard at the gym and gaining some great strength 1200 leg press, 375 bench…but I don’t look it. I’m having a tough time getting a lot of fat off. My muscles are bigger than average, but they don’t respond like most guys’ bodies do. The fat just doesn’t budge unless I work hard at a 1600cal/day diet, but then I get weak in the gym and have some rough workouts. Can you good people direct me to vegie BB information…specific diets, workout options, supplements. Any thoughts? Meat isn’t an option. Thanks

Can you stomach Peanut butter, almond butter,etc? I like my strength in the gym when I am snacking on carrotts and Natural Peanut butter. but then again I usually eat meat at the very least 3 times per day. Can you supplement Glutamine? If so do it immediately.

Try supplementing with creatine if you’re not already. It makes a huge difference with most vegetarians.

Oh, and by the way, could you settle a bet for me? Is there a difference between the terms “vegan” and “vegetarian”? Just curious.

email me at mahler25@yahoo.com and I can help you out. I have writtena few articles on the topic. Also a vegan is someone that does not eat any animal products including eggs and dairy. Vegetarians usually refers to someone that does not eat meat, but still eats dairy and eggs.

If you really want to lose weight you have to do a lot of cardio. Supplementing with flax oil or Udo’s choice (if you can afford it) also helps, as polyunsaturated fats help to mobilize body fat so that you can you it for enery during excercise as opposed to carbohydrates.
When you do cardio for long periods of time, the body will use fat more and more for energy, up to 75% fat after about two hours (from the regular 50-50 carb to fat ratio).
Hope you read this and good luck.
PS Try not to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week as you will be losing muscle as well gained by much hard work on your part.

Hey Everybody, Thanks for the info. I tried individual amino supplements, but didn’t notice much change, but it’s worth trying again. Creatine is most abundant in meat, so it would probably make a big difference as a supplement with vegies, but I read that meat is the primary source of creatine production by 4 primary US companies (TRUE?). I’ll send you an email, Mike. Thanks for the offer. On that Vegan/Vegie thing… Vegetarian is a class of food eater. The Hierarchy looks a little strange and is biased with meat eaters at the bottom. Meat Eaters have subcategories such as Carnivores and Herbivores. Second are Vegetarians with Ova-Lacto(Eggs/Dairy and Vegetable sources), Vegans(Vegetable sources only). Then Fruitarians(only fruits no vegies or meats). Then Breatharians. You guessed it…only air which scientifically is possible with all the Nitrogen in air. It’s said that Mother Theresa was a Breatharian even though she often ate only a communion wafer a day. There are more sub categories for each main category such as raw food eaters, Light and non-Light growing foods, Auryvedic…the list seems as diverse as the cultures living on earth.

If there’s really a popular/common distinction between vegan and vegetarian (that vegetarian has come to mean someone who doesn’t eat meat but does eat other animal products), then I guess I can go along with it. Language changes, after all. But to be honest, it sounds to me like more PC-speak is happening here. I.e., people are just taking words and using them however they like without any regard for what the word actually means. “Herbivore” is a class of meat-eater?!? Nah, can’t hang…