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Hi guys and gals
I hate veggies so much that i have not eaten them since i was 6 years old "lol"im now 23 and i recently got told i have to start eating them to help my health,anyway any one got any ideas how i can eat these suckers,u know with a sauce or something like blending them and drinking it down (yuk).any ideas would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Are there any veggies you do like?

Are you kidding, my vegetable meal is one of my favourite meals of theday. This is what i do, chop up about 4-5 different vegetables (like lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomato), add all these into a large bowl. And i mean large, dont worry about the amount of food, vegetables contain so little calories, your body will burn up as many calories to digest them as it gets from them. Now put salt on them and then vinegar, mix it all up, chuck in a whole can of tuna if you want also and then put mayonaise all over the top. This rocks, trust me.

Just do what everybody else says and cover it with some Grow. Hahaaha jk. Seriously you could go with a stir-fry or maybe a simple soup? You could boil some veggies and dip them in some hot sauce. Zucchini tastes pretty good simply boiled. Maybe add in a little salt to the water when you boil it to give it some extra flavor.

I don’t get it, I love vegetables, they taste great! Anyways get a bag of mixed veggies and mix them with your current meals. I mean if you knew what i had to eat during my cutting cycle you’d be happy to eat those veggies.

almost any green vegetable tastes good sauteed in a little olive oil and garlic. Makes your house smell good too! Well at least if you were raised in my family it does.(Italian)