Hey guys, just a quick question. I’m cutting, and just wondering what veggies you like to incorporate into your diet when cutting, which you like to stay away from, and why. Personally, I can’t go near carrots when cutting, cause I can’t stop eatting them…I’ll take down two bags at a time. Thanks in advance for any responses.

broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mushrooms - if eaten raw, all low carb/calorie. also green beans

Whats happenin? Anyway, i have done several contests now and it seems that the heavy greens always work best for me. I always try to consume about 3-5 servings of vegetables a day of this variety. I normally stick to brocolli cuz it holds flavor well when i cook it and I also prefer celery and spinach with my salads. I find when i eat more veggies towards the later part of the day i can taper down my carbs and inrease the veggies to still fill me up. Also, if your metabolism is quite high than you can benefit from putting your celeryin a all natural peanut butter (keeping moderate amount of pb in mind) and keeping you sanity by eating something taht tastes well while in a cutting mode.

Aside from carrots, most veggies have few little calories for the amount of food you actually get to eat. I use mixed salad greens, bell peppers, cruciferous veggies, zucchini, squash, artichokes, asparagus and whatever else. I also love peas, but they are a legume, so they are higher in calories, but loaded with protein and fiber.

not to be a jerk Heb but mushrooms are decomposers… the bastards are in their own class, there’s animals, plants and then there are decomposers (aka mushrooms). My instinct tells me not to eat mushrooms, not that I don’t like the taste… just that I don’t want to eat a decomposer.

Don’t be afraid of carrots.

Load up on the veggies man but stay away from the carrots! Carrots are about the only bad fibrous vegetable source as they’re so high in sugar. Also when cutting it’s a good idea to stay away from potatoes, rice, and other starchy carbohydrates at least later in the day. I eat the hell out of onions, bell peppers, lettuce of all types, broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini,…basically anything that’s high in fiber. Take a look at cauliflower. A 1 lb bag contains 100 calories and when you deduct the fiber from total carb content it only has 5 grams of carbs and 10 grams of protein! Broccoli is pretty much the same. My last diet I ate about 2 lbs of broccoli and cauliflower per day and I wasn’t hungry. The only trouble I’ve had is cooking it so it tastes good…i’ve experimented with all types of seasonings etc you just gotta figure out what works for you.

squash - definitely. With nothing on it and cooked still in the shell, so you can just scoop out the innards and smile - love Butternut squash and roasted onions. Zuchini is tasty too. And green beans. I prefer my veggies steamed and not soft. But, my boyfriend does almost all of the cooking and he makes the veggies taste so yummy - with just a few spices.

Guys, you helped so much. I’m gonna ditch the carrots completely for a bit, and stick to cauli. and broc. for now. I like both of those anyway, I think they have great natural flavor, and w/ lemon juice it’s pretty much all you need. Thanks so much again for all the responses.